3 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Are So Hard To Keep, and How to Fix It

We are fond of making resolutions at the beginning of the year because we feel optimistic about changing things. We feel confident that if we follow these resolutions, there is a brighter future ahead. However, many of us need help following through to accomplish our goals. Cassady Cayne walks you through what you need to achieve your New Year’s resolutions and make every day of the year better.

Cassady Cayne is a renowned LA-based lifestyle coach and energy healer. She grew up in a low-income family in Northern Europe and was raised in a household full of generational wounds. At 21, she was inspired to go beyond after a sudden and unexpected awakening. Her awakening changed everything and unleashed intuitive gifts in her. Today, Cayne is a 7-figure soul-preneur and bestselling author of the Hay House book, The Universe Speaks, Are You Listening? and her healing work and writing reach over a million seekers yearly.

Cayne attributes her massive life transformations to changing the “inside” first. She says those cycles we find hard to break out of, have a root cause, and looking at our childhood might help us unravel this mystery. According to her, most people find it hard to keep up with New Year’s resolutions because they are missing an essential inner piece of the puzzle. Cayne says most things originate from the “inside”, and unless we change our inner emotional and mental set-point, outer change is very hard to create whether it’s about exercise, diet, drinking, career path, or any other area of life. “When we shift our inner world, positive change flows as a natural result without so much struggle,” she adds.

Considering an area where you have had frustration, Cayne advises to look at when and where was the first time in life when you experienced this type of emotion or dynamic? If you go deep enough, you will most often realize it is a childhood experience that comes up. After identifying the root of the issue, you should allow yourself to expel the emotions locked inside. Cayne says expressing these emotions is key to moving beyond your fears. According to the lifestyle coach, energy healing and journaling on the issue helps process any emotions and unconscious negative beliefs. Only after you have expressed these emotions can you fully free yourself from the cycle.

Going through this process herself was instrumental in Cayne’s own journey to success. Growing up, she was a quiet and shy child without any culture for business around her or the idea that something big existed for her. Cayne’s father worked at the docks, and all her relatives were blue-collar workers. Based on this background, she probably wouldn’t have believed it if she had been told she would be where she is today: a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and 7 figure entrepreneur with a large online following.

Rising from such humble beginnings helped cement her perspective that we are capable of much more than we’re told in life. She says if she could start from zero and create this massive transformation in her own life without connections, previous business experience, investors, an agent or a team, or any of the things we often think are necessary, anyone can do it.

According to Cayne, the three critical fundamentals that help to create permanent positive change are first searching within and identifying where any limitations or negativity come from, expelling and healing the issue, and as a result, permanently shifting how we see ourselves and what we are capable of. “Once we heal our inner issues, our outer world begins to shift as a natural result,” Cayne says.

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