Who ever said that cats are not capable of learning tricks? This is a common misconception in the pet community, and it is quite understandable. Given that cats are often viewed as lazy, it only makes sense why people see them in that light. The good news is that cats are very capable of performing a variety of tricks. So grab your feline companion and get ready to see three easy tricks to teach a cat!

Tricks to teach a cat 

1. Sit 

It is second nature for cats to sit down, especially when you present them with treats, which is why this trick will come naturally to your feline companion. 


  1. Start off your training your cat with this trick with an empty stomach. They will most likely oblige when you ask them to sit because they know they will be rewarded with food. 
  2. Next, have your treat in hand and simply wait for your cat to sit down. 
  3. Once your cat sits down, reward them with a treat. 
  4. Repeat the previous step and gradually distance the treat from your cat so that they will not attempt to snatch it away from you. This encourages them to sit down instead of reaching out to your hand. 
  5. If your cat remains seated, reward them. 
  6. If your cat starts to paw at you or meow, do not reward them. This conditions your cat to behave while they are sitting. 

Remember to associate the trick with verbal cues once your cat is familiar with the gesture of sitting down. Continue to practice this trick in short, consistent sessions. 

2. Come 

“Come” is one of the neatest and easiest tricks you can teach your cat. This teaches your cat to come to you when it is called, and honestly, that is every cat owner’s dream since we are aware that they will not always come to you when called, unlike dogs, who would often respond to their names. 


  1. First, ask your cat to sit down. Once they successfully do it, reward them with a treat. 
  2. Try to call your cat’s name or make up a distinct sound to signal your cat to come to you. It is important to remember that you do this once you see them starting to run towards you. 
  3. If they are successful in doing so, reward them with a treat. This helps the cat understand that the verbal cue is associated with coming to you and being rewarded for it. 
  4. Practice this with your cat until it becomes familiar with the trick. Increase the distance between you and your cat as you go along. 

3. Behave (in a cat carrier)

Cat owners would all agree that, at some point in their lives with their cats, carrying them in cat carriers would be an extreme hassle. You and your cat are constantly at odds with regards to this situation, with the latter becoming victorious as it scurries away and leaves you with bite and scratch marks. 

Luckily, you can teach your cat to enter its carrier without having to force it. 


  1. Have your cat carrier ready. 
  2. Put a few treats inside the cat carrier so that you cat will have a reason to go inside. You may want to do this several times in a day. 
  3. Once your cat goes inside the cat carrier, reward them with a treat. 
  4. Slowly add the verbal cue when your cat begins to jump inside the cat carrier. Do not forget to reward each successful attempt. 

Certainly, lots of patience is in order when teaching a cat anything. They are notoriously stubborn, after all. But with plenty of time and practice, your cat can learn a few easy tricks for your entertainment and enjoyment.

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