Los Angeles mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti has been rolling out the Hollywood endorsements, and just recently he released a hilarious video of his “friend” and actress Salma Hayek, who gushes over him.

In fact, Hayek seems to have a crush on Garcetti, pointing out that he's an “amazing dancer!” Not a requirement to be an “amazing mayor,” but it's a nice thing to know. In fact, there's a whole list of things that Hayek rattles off about Garcetti that don't matter a heck of a lot. Video after the jump.

“He's one of these guys that does everything,” says Hayek, “and he can do it all well. Like for example, he's an amazing dancer, but he's also a military officer.”

Then she tells us how Garcetti is a great chef, a fierce activist, a good gardener, a professor, “beautiful” piano player, and speaks English, Spanish, and French.

“And you think there must be something wrong with this guy?” Hayek says kiddingly. “And, of course, yes, you find out he's a politician. But, he's not, like most of the politicians.”

And on Hayek goes. She also holds up Garcetti's work in the redevelopment of Hollywood, but the Latina actress obviously didn't read the L.A. Weekly cover story “Hollywood's Urban Cleansing.”

If Hayek did, she would have found out that Garcetti's redevelopment policies have helped to drive out nearly 12,000 Latino fathers, mothers, and children from Hollywood due to rising rents and lost affordable housing stock.

Hayek may also want to read the follow-up story, “Rent Activists Hit Greuel and Garcetti.” It delves deeper into the controversial housing policies of Garcetti and Wendy Greuel, who's also running for mayor.

Update: John Moreno, managing editor at the Los Angeles Wave, sent us this video of Garcetti breaking out the dance moves on the campaign trail.

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