See Anne Fishbein's photography celebrating pizza.

There are those who might argue that we have always been in a Pizza Moment: college students, say, or preteens. And while that may be true — and may always be true — for people in those demographics, it has never been quite so true for the rest of us in Los Angeles as right now.

Regardless of whether you demarcate pizza in L.A. as Before Mozza and After Mozza, right now we're seeing a glorious renaissance in pie that transcends all boundaries: the artisans and their wood-fired ovens, the neighborhood slice joints, the delivery chain restaurants, the DIY folk in their backyards, even those of us baking at home. Pizza is a malleable dish by its very nature — and these days it seems to perfectly fit the zeitgeist.

We've devoted our 2012 Restaurant Issue to celebrating the stuff. We've got a feature story by our restaurant critic on the state of pizza in L.A., a ride-along with a Domino's delivery guy, a look into pizza ovens, a consideration of pizza cheese, a chart to determine what pizza meets your needs, a list of the best slice joints, and a countdown of the 10 best pizza places in L.A. Pull up a chair.

Full list of stories from our food issue:
Life of Pie: L.A. Celebrates Its Pizza Moment
Deliverance: On the Road With a Domino's Delivery Guy
Get On the Bus: The DIY Pizza Oven
Cheese, Please: What's the Deal With Mozzarella?
The Pizza Pie Chart
5 Best Pizza Slice Joints
10 Best Pizza Restaurants in Los Angeles

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