Hollywood has ushered in a new era of stereotypes this year. Only days after ABC canceled the horrific show Work It about two guys who dress up as girls to get work, CBS is being called out for a casting call that recalls a Hollywood notion of an Asian American man.

Ah yes, it's not just any Asian guy the producers of 2 Broke Girls are looking for, but a “hot Asian guy” who — of course! — “is the web designer for the girls' cupcake site.”

He's a computer geek? Imaginative. The upshot of all this is that …

… the addition of said new hot guy might actually be some sort of mea culpa / consolation prize after the show was ripped for its Asian character Han, a geeky diner owner whose “broken English,” says the Hollywood Reporter

… played like some sorry minstrel show …

Ah, but Asian Americans should be pleased. This isn't just any Asian geek stereotype. He's hot! You see, Hollywood's going against the grain here. Asian guys aren't supposed to be hot (sorry, Daniel Dae Kim).

(This is postmodern colonialism at work: Covet thy women, clown your men).

Yeah. The blogger Angry Asian Man quickly called bullshit:

… Does one studly Asian dude's guest starring role really make up for Han, the second coming of Long Duk Dong? Um, no.

Will Hollywood ever learn? Not as long as it doesn't care about behind-the-scenes diversity. Not as long as the makeup of the Hollywood trade press is 95 percent white (just guessing here, but feel free to challenge us on that).

Hopefully some studio titan will take his gaze off SOPA for a second to consider that these kinds of black eyes can be avoided when you have a diverse workforce.

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