Looking for a costume but don’t have the time or money to put something together? Never fear! We’ve got you covered with the best last minute easy Halloween costumes. All you need is a trip to your local thrift store and some DIY creativity. First, a few of the classics:

A Cat

If you’re feeling lazy but still want to participate in Halloween festivities, this is the costume for you. All you need is an all black outfit and some temporary tattoos or makeup for whiskers. Don’t forget the cat ears!

A Ghost

This one is probably the simplest on the list. Just drape a white sheet over yourself and cut out two eye holes. BOO! You’re a ghost.

A Mime

For this costume, you’ll need black clothing and white face paint. Add some red lipstick and a beret, and you’re good to go!

A Witch

This is another classic Halloween costume that’s easy to put together at the last minute. All you need is a black dress (or any black clothing), a broom, and a pointy hat. If you have time, add some fake warts or wrinkles with makeup.

A Pirate

Arrrr matey! This one is perfect if you have any old pirate gear lying around from previous years’ celebrations. If not, no worries – just throw on an old white button down shirt, add some rags or torn clothing, shove your pants into your boots, and voila! You’re ready to search for lost treasure.

A Zombie

Zombies are always popular around Halloween time. To create your zombie look, start with some old clothes that you don’t mind ruining. Tear them up and smear them with dirt or fake blood. Add some dark circles around your eyes with makeup or face paint to look tired and sickly. Top it all off with moaning and groaning about brains…and you’re good to go!

And here are some of our favorites last minute easy Halloween costumes from Reddit:

“Write ‘Go Ceilings!’ on your shirt to be a ceiling fan… wince”

“Wrap yourself in aluminum foil and go as leftovers

“Dress nice and hold up a sign that says, ‘I’m sorry.’ You are now a formal apology.”

“Green cardboard diamond above your head. You are now a Sim!”

“Get an animal mask and dress pretty nicely, then tell everyone that you’re a party animal, or a cocktail party animal”

Dad on vacation. All you need is white socks, sandals, shorts pulled up, fanny pack, preferably a Hawaiian shirt and some kind of full brimmed hat. You could also do sunglasses with the the lace that goes around and sunscreen on the nose”

“I’m bringing out the green cargo joggers, black long sleeve top, and black accessories for a Kim Possible look. I already have the red hair to match!”

Wednesday Addams is always a super easy one if you have black shoes and a black dress. You just need a Peter Pan collar”

“My friends and I are dressing up as Bachelor contestants – just wearing nice dresses/outfits, carrying around a red rose, and then homemade signs that say our names, ages, and a funny job description!”

“My friend once glued cotton balls to a shirt and carried a spray bottle and went as ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Rain’

Thief– all black outfit (pants, shirt/sweater, boots, beanie, gloves) grab a pillow case as your treasure bag or candy bag”

1950’s greaser. All you need is a white tee shirt, blue jeans, some boots and a leather jacket if you have one. If not, just roll up the sleeves of your tee shirt. Pomade your hair back into a DA or a pompadour if you’re fancy. Carry one of those super cheap black combs and constantly comb your hair.”

For those who waited until the last minute to come up with their Halloween costume idea for this weekend, don’t panic! Hopefully one of these will get you suited in no time. If you’re looking for more ideas, take a look at the top 10 trending costumes of 2022.

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