From the 1980s-style featured in Stranger Things to something downright scary like the timeless Michael Myers from Halloween, the trend for adult Halloween costumes ranges from pop culture to classic horror movie characters. 

People’s choices are endless when it comes to choosing what characters they want to dress up as. But of course, like any other year, 2022 highlights a fun mix of trends that truly stood out this year, and people are sure to witness these in this year’s Halloween season. 

1. The 80s Stranger Things theme is definitely one of the most trendiest adult Halloween costumes in 2022

Ever since Stranger Things came out on Netflix, everyone has been instantly hooked on the 80s style the show brings to the table. The retro vibe brings a nostalgic feel to it, and this always seems to capture the attention of anyone, no matter what generation they belong to. 

Take El, for instance. In Season 2 of Stranger Things, she wore this black romper designed with colorful abstract shapes. Other iconic outfits that were worn by her included a blouse paired with suspenders, blue denim jeans, white ankle socks, and a pair of white sneakers to boot! 

Whatever year it may be, retro Halloween costumes never run out of style and always find their way to the top of the trend list. 

2. Cheerleading Outfit from Euphoria 

If you are a fan of Euphoria, then surely the outfits in that show are one of the best costumes to go for this Halloween season. Maddy and Cassie are the epitome of the BFF dynamic in any high school, and we all know that these kinds of tropes are always popular during Halloween. 

Whether it would be their school’s cheerleading uniform or the twinning lilac and turquoise long sleeve crop top and flared pants outfits they wore to school, both are nothing short of cute, flirty, and trendy. 

3. Wednesday Addams 

For any Halloween event, one thing is certain; there will never be an instance wherein Wednesday Adams was absent from the limelight. This iconic character, who is clad in all black, is a Halloween staple. 

When you think of Halloween, Wednesday Addams is sure to pop into your mind as one of the characters you want to dress up as. Her signature twin black braids and black dress with a white collar inside will never lose their popularity and charm. 

The best way to pull this look off is to have your entire family dress up as the Addams family. This brings a whole new level of immersing oneself during the spooky season. 

4. Scarlet Witch 

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was shown in cinemas this year on May 26, and this is where fans truly lost their minds once they got to witness Scarlet Witch in all her crimson glory. 

Scarlet sports a single theme, which is a witch supreme that rules over all sorcerers. From her pointy headpiece down to her leather-tight suit, she continues to captivate people despite having a sinister aura about her. 

This avenger is truly a wise choice for Halloween if you want to turn heads and feel the gaze of everyone on you. 

5. Elvis Presley 

Dressing up from head to toe as the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” never gets old. While this character may not be as popular as characters like Wednesday Addams, this year, it is a completely different story. 

Ever since the release of the 2022 biographical musical film, Elvis, people have reignited their love for the late American singer. 

His look is fun to recreate since all you have to keep in mind is dressing up in blousons and flare pants. Basically, think of anything fancy and flashy to successfully recreate the Elvis look!

6. Ghostface

Arguably one of the plainest, yet iconic, costumes to wear this Halloween is Ghostface. To complete this look, all you have to wear is a black hooded cloak and a ghostface mask. 

Let us not forget an important prop that will complete Ghostface’s look—a Buck 120 hunting knife.

7. Targaryens in Game of Thrones and House of Dragon

The Targaryens were always known for their platinum blonde hair and intricate leather clothing laced with dragon elements, especially when it came to their dragon-riding outfits. 

Of course, people may also go for a more subtle Targaryen look. Both Daenerys and Rhaenyra wore dresses when they were not in combat, so that is a good choice as well. 

One signature Daenarys look was when she wore her all black outfit, wherein she showed authoritism and edginess, and both are great combinations for the perfect Halloween look! 

8. Michael Myers 

How can Halloween be complete without Michael Myers? Of course, this character will never be absent from the party. This creepy man in coveralls and a white rubber mask will surely scare anyone who comes his way. If you choose to go with this look, do not forget to pair it with a prop knife! 

9. Batman 

When we hear about Batman, a funny image of Travis Scott pops up in our heads. Funny as it may be, this just proves the fact that Batman is still as popular as ever when it comes to people choosing heroes to dress up as on Halloween. 

According to Nasty Gal, just last year, Batman was seen on the list of the top 2021 Halloween costumes. This costume sits in the 9th spot on the list, having 40,500 searches on the internet. 

One can never go wrong when choosing a superhero to dress up as on Halloween. They are never out of style and always stay relevant during the spooky season. 

10. Harley Quinn

Everyone’s favorite bubbly and energetic DC superhero/anti-hero, Harley Quinn, is one of the most searched for costumes online as Halloween approaches. No matter what year it may be, she always seems to be a favorite amongst the people. 

It is quite understandable, as she boasts a unique sense of fashion. What we mean by this is that she not only has one outfit but a variety of them. So you can either choose her court jester jumpsuit costume or the one seen in Suicide Squad, a two-tone jacket, graphic tee, short shorts, and fishnet stockings. 

If that does not suit your taste, then you can take inspiration from her variety of costumes seen in DC comics. 

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