15 Performance Coaches to Follow in 2023

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While many people can get far on their own, there comes a time when a boost is vital. That’s where performance coaches can come in and help you reach a new level of growth. 

Through inspired performance coaching, you can improve your work performance, strengthen your skills and develop new ones, and develop tactics to reach your most ambitious goals, among other things. 

If you’re interested in working with a professional to help you reach your full potential at work or in your personal life, here’s a list of the top 15 performance coaches to consider in 2023!

Lindsay Briner

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Lindsay Briner and her business, Stabilized Flow Leadership Solutions, help clients achieve steady performance. With over 10 years of academic research and thousands of hours of 1:1 client work with CEOs, professional athletes, celebrities, and investors, Lindsay has discovered that flow states don’t have to be fleeting experiences.

Her novel contribution to the world of performance and motivation is Stabilized Flow, where a state becomes a trait. This unique method resolves common dysfunctions and eliminates the risks of ordinary leadership approaches. 

As a research scientist, leadership development trainer, and executive coach, Lindsay offers a groundbreaking synthesis of best practices from cognitive neuroscience, transpersonal psychology, neurobiology of peak performance, sports psychology, and meditation.

Lindsay teaches her Stabilized Flow method to individuals, groups, and business teams. It’s her greatest joy to guide people to unlock their highest potential, achieve persistent inner peace, generate peak performance, and sustain their well-being. Her Stabilized Flow method is a research-backed brain retraining program that includes personalized meditation instruction and guides people through the Stages of Realization in Mahamudra Buddhism. This style of meditation is a form of concentration training that up-regulates the same area of the brain as the flow state.

Don’t settle for fleeting moments of peak performance. Let Lindsay and Stabilized Flow Leadership Solutions help you achieve consistent performance, lasting success, and well-being.

Danny Diaz

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Daniel Diaz, aka. Danny Diaz, is an Author, Speaker, and Performance Coach. He’s also the Founder of Peak Life Now and UPX. Danny specializes in helping coaches and entrepreneurs stop suffering, quietly, behind the curtain of success, by facilitating a complete re-creation of their identity, purpose, and life passion so they can ground themselves and access untapped potential. 

Known for his unwavering belief in people, massive heart, and audacious sense of positive optimism, Danny stands out from your average performance coach. He leads with love, compassion, and a level of confidence and simplicity that alters anyone he connects with.

UPX, Danny’s latest venture, is a culmination of his work over the last 8 years. UPX offers transformational experiences to coaches and business owners who want to break free from limiting beliefs, (re)instill healthy habits, find groundedness in performance, and re-imagine their identities for the next phase of their life and business. 

With so much pressure to perform, it’s easy to let our self-care practices fall by the wayside. This is where UPX comes in with a 12-week group program designed to help clients establish an identity that suits their next level of growth. 

This program is unconventional and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, running at a 100% success rate. All due to Danny’s ability to help people improve their mindset, physical state, emotional regulation, and spiritual connection. If you’ve reached a level of success and still feel unfulfilled, Danny Diaz is the bridge to the answers and solutions you seek. 

Tiffany Julie

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Meet Tiffany Julie, a Forbes-featured 7-figure entrepreneur and leading high performance coach who helps entrepreneurs and leaders unlock their full potential, create an extraordinary life, and reach high levels of success and wealth. Tiffany firmly believes you can have it all – vibrant health, expanding wealth, radiant energy, meaningful relationships, incredible impact, and ultimate freedom. That’s why she created the High-Performance Accelerator program.

Have you ever felt caught in the roller coaster of pursuing your goals? One moment, you’re riding high with intense focus, productivity, and momentum. Then, you hit a wall out of nowhere, experiencing burnout, lack of motivation, and forcing yourself to push forward. It makes you wonder, is there a way to sustain high levels of success without being on a roller coaster ride? Tiffany refers to this journey as transforming from a high achiever to a high performer. 

With years of experience coaching super achievers, she’s discovered the skills, habits, and strategies that separate them from under-performers. In her program, she uncovers these secrets, empowering clients to surpass their self-imposed limits and create a life and business beyond what they thought possible. Through a systematic process, they master their internal game, achieve peak performance, and unleash their power.

It’s time to stop playing small and embrace your potential. Let Tiffany guide you to becoming the most successful, influential, and impactful version of yourself. In Tiffany’s High Performance Coaching program, you will break through your glass ceiling and step into a life of extraordinary achievements. 

Lisa Grum

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As a Growth Mindset Expert and Online Business Strategist, Lisa Grum founded an amazing Mindset and Business Coaching service dedicated to elevating clients and helping them thrive. Those who want to create successful and fulfilling businesses, careers, and lives will benefit greatly from Lisa’s guidance. Along with other coaches, leaders, and experts, she hopes to create a massive positive impact on the world.

Lisa is more than an internationally accredited coach, she’s also an accredited trainer and speaker with a Diploma in Online Marketing, a Bachelor’s in Social Science, and a Master’s in Political Science. She is a creator, visionary, and leader passionate about empowering others to become the best version of themselves. This is accomplished through 1:1 coaching programs, group coaching programs for entrepreneurs and executives, and the upcoming Seen & Sold online course that will launch in March 2023. 

The way Lisa approaches mindset and business coaching is based on her own journey as an entrepreneur and over 10 years of industry experience. She grew her business from zero clients to implementing a waiting list and achieving financial, location, and time independence in only 6 months. 

Lisa is fully dedicated to helping other experts and coaches start profitable and heart-centered businesses. Entrepreneurship requires confidence and a growth mindset. This is what Lisa’s coaching services are all about and she’s incredibly gifted at helping others succeed to achieve more freedom, fulfillment, and abundance. Getting spectacular client results is what drives her; she truly goes above and beyond!

Tracy Yates

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Founder and CEO of Mindway, Tracy Yates, is a trusted change agent known as the Secret Weapon to industry leaders and high-level entrepreneurs who unlock unprecedented levels of growth both in business and within themselves. When it comes to enhanced business performance, Tracy leverages her expertise in human potential, business strategy, and energy to offer a holistic approach to reaching their infinite potential.

High achievers interested in an ultra-optimized and lighting speed approach to their next level will benefit from working with Tracy. She elevates bold entrepreneurs to expand their joy and wealth through a unique combination of science, strategy, soul, and energetics. 

Tracy’s proven and non-surface approach to transformational work unleashes dormant brilliance and vision in her clients. She grounds this approach with over 25 years of first-hand experience as an award-winning strategist, and agency founder and CEO advising hundreds of world-leading brands. 

One of the things that set Tracy apart is that she combines her studies in neuroscience, shamanism, human psyche, and energetics with decades of business-building expertise to achieve new heights that ripple into all spheres of life. She’s also a speaker and soon-to-be-published author. Whether you want to slingshot your business and wealth, improve your relationships, expand your personal joy, or all of the above, Tracy offers the right kind of support. 

Ian Lobas

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In 2016, Ian Lobas faced a pivotal moment in his life when his wife issued an ultimatum: change or risk losing her. Recognizing the need for transformation, Ian embarked on a journey to become the man his family deserved. Today, he is a renowned performance coach and the founder of The Irreplaceable Man, a business dedicated to helping married men become truly irreplaceable.

Ian’s personal experience of unhappiness and seeking external validation has shaped his unique approach to coaching. He understands the deep-rooted insecurities and fears that can lead to relationship breakdowns. Rather than wasting time in traditional marriage counseling and couples therapy, Ian’s focus is on the man himself. By empowering men to grow and evolve, he helps them restore trust, improve communication, and reignite connections with their loved ones.

At The Irreplaceable Man, Ian offers proven and unorthodox coaching programs that address men’s personal development and relationship needs. His powerful formulaic approach eliminates the reliance on fleeting emotions, allowing men to track and measure their internal growth with evidence. Through structured coaching sessions, exercises, and deep-level work, Ian guides men to find clarity, confidence, and courage in the areas of trust, communication, and connection.

What sets The Irreplaceable Man apart from the competition is its steadfast support, strategic systems for sustainability, and a trusted curriculum. Ian has created a comprehensive framework that encompasses mindset, skills, habits, behaviors, attitude, language, beliefs, and environment, to help men become irreplaceable husbands, fathers, and leaders.

Sarah Katrina Maruani

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Sarah Katrina Maruani is the visionary performance coach behind Kids on the Yard, an organization that provides Academic and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) coaches for Elementary, Middle, and High School students and beyond. Sarah Katrina and her team offer a wide range of personalized tutoring, educational, and SEL coaching programs both in-person and online.

Collaborating with Homeschool Programs, Charter Schools, Private Schools, Public Schools, and districts across the USA, Kids on the Yard has already made a significant impact nationwide. Sarah Katrina’s experience as an SEL Global Ambassador for an international nonprofit organization has taken her around the world, working with people of all ages to build a mindset for success.

Additionally, her own journey as a child of immigrants who struggled with a learning disability and reading challenges inspired her to create Kids on the Yard. Drawing from her personal and professional experience, she is committed to ensuring that no student ever feels limited by their challenges. Through Kids on the Yard, Sarah Katrina provides the tools, resources, and emotional support needed to help students tap into their full potential.

With her unwavering dedication to educational excellence and social-emotional well-being, Sarah Katrina is changing the game and inspiring a new generation of learners. Kids on the Yard is making a tangible difference in the lives of students, families, and communities, helping them achieve success and reach their fullest potential. Sarah Katrina is more than a performance coach – she’s a trailblazer and a champion for students everywhere.

Paul Blackburn

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Expert performance coach, internationally acclaimed author, and leader in the human potential movement, Paul Blackburn, is an established figure that leverages 39 years of experience to offer amazing services through Quantum Orange. Paul is a specialist in teaching people to reach their personal and professional potential. To date, he has transformed the lives of 400,000 people on 4 continents and trained over 350 life/business coaches, a true testament to his dedication and skill. 

Paul’s work as a performance coach with a focus on personal development positively eclipses others in the field. While many teach techniques and processes based on fads, Quantum Orange focuses on helping clients find the bottom-line drivers of their behaviours. This way, they can make significant, lasting changes. 

Quantum Orange and its programs are based on Paul’s approach to finding and fixing the subconscious emotional wounds that affect every aspect of clients’ lives. One of the many things that set him apart in the field of performance coaching is his uncanny ability to simplify the complex workings of the mind so clients can understand themselves more deeply and experience real breakthroughs. 

Paul and his team have a down-to-earth, practical, and honest approach. With a long track record of outstanding results, Paul is uniquely qualified to help whoever crosses his path. Quantum Orange’s coaching programs are unlike anything else on the market – they promise profound, comprehensive breakthroughs and deliver exactly that. 

Mimi Peak, J.D., M.C.C., B.C.C, C.Ht.

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With a unique talent for unlocking the full potential of individuals, Mimi Peak is an expert at helping clients create lives filled with satisfaction, success, balance, joy, health, and love. As one of the top performance coaches in the field, clients quickly discover that working with Mimi makes every aspect of their existence begin to feel easier, more fulfilling, and much more powerful.

In addition to her degrees in Psychology and Law, Mimi’s search for the best techniques has encompassed studies and certifications in hypnosis, Neuro-Associative Conditioning, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and much more. 

Mimi also traveled the world for many years working as a Master Trainer and Platinum Partner/Master Elite Coach for Robbins Research Intl. She has been a Master Certified Coach of the International Coach Federation for 24 years, a certification granted to only 7% of the world’s coaches. 

Additionally, she is the founder and owner of Peak Experiences Coaching, a company that offers Executive, Success, Life coaching, and coaching-related products to clients worldwide. Mimi’s past and current clients include CEOs, Olympic-level athletes, Navy SEALs, other special forces military, business executives, and more. 

Mimi’s ideal client is anyone who wants to be, do, and have more success and fulfillment and is willing to open their lives to more greatness! With an emphasis on accessing the unlimited potential within and teaching cutting-edge skills and strategies, she guides people to create the life they deserve.

Sarah Gaboury

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Unleash your true potential as an actor with Sarah Gaboury of Real Actor’s Lab, where actors soar to new heights.  With an impressive track record as the on-set coach for the final season of NBC’s “This Is Us” and the trusted set coach for AwesomenessTV/Viacom, Sarah has honed her skills with emerging talents and esteemed Emmy and Oscar winners alike. 

Her unwavering passion lies in collaborating with directors to breathe life into captivating stories and empowering actors to shine on film, TV, and stage.  Sarah offers an array of comprehensive services tailored to actors’ needs. From coaching actors on auditions to conducting transformative classes and workshops, she assists working actors in their quest to conquer challenging roles. 

Sarah’s clients grace the stages of Broadway, star in hit TV shows, and leave their mark on award-winning films—testaments to the undeniable effectiveness of her training. Whether through in-person sessions or virtual work over Zoom, Sarah’s expertise and guidance have become invaluable assets for actors worldwide.

For those in search of acting techniques that truly work, Sarah generously provides her signature “Get Out of Your Head Masterclass” as a free download.  This exceptional resource delves deep into the craft, empowering actors to elevate their audition and self-tape game to new heights.  Furthermore, Sarah’s groundbreaking program, Power Clips, offers actors a unique mentorship experience. 

Sarah’s approach seamlessly blends time-honored, old-school techniques with innovative tools and exercises designed to dissolve emotional barriers, enabling actors to fully live their roles with freedom, truth, and power. 

Simon Welsch

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Performance Coach Simon Welsh is committed to helping clients unlock their true potential and achieve unparalleled success. He specializes in brain athletes and combines a Master of Science degree in sports science with over five years of experience to help transform the lives of individuals in various fields, including poker players, gamers, and everyday athletes.

Simon’s coaching philosophy revolves around integrating healthy habits into your daily life, leading to enhanced performance across all domains. Drawing inspiration from his own journey, he embodies the power of a healthy lifestyle, radiating energy, happiness, and productivity.

Embracing a holistic approach to health and performance, Simon focuses on four key pillars: Nutrition, Movement, Recovery, and Mindset. By delving into the intricate connections between the gut and the brain, he empowers clients to grasp the underlying mechanisms behind his effective methods. Through regular online video calls, Simon ensures personalized attention, tackling individual challenges and preventing any deviations from the path to success.

No two individuals are the same, and Simon understands this implicitly. As such, his coaching is tailored to address each client’s unique demands and obstacles, fostering a deep sense of personal development and growth. By nurturing understanding and facilitating action, Simon instills a high degree of self-efficacy in every coachee, empowering them to conquer new heights and embrace a life of optimal performance.

Are you ready to unlock your true potential and experience the transformative power of a healthy lifestyle? Trust Simon Welsch to guide you on your journey to greatness!

Sean Afkhaminia

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Sean Afkhaminia is an exceptional performance coach and Founder of Footy Factory, a training organization based in Dallas and Austin offering player development programs, events, and education who’s mission is to identify, develop, and promote the talents of tomorrow. They pride themselves in their ability to meet players where they are and take them where they want to go, having had success doing just that at every level – from beginners to professionals. 

Their first-rate training staff is dedicated to building a mentoring relationship with each player, enabling them to provide proper motivation and support, while modifying sessions and feedback to meet their individual needs. It’s this personal connection between teacher and student that energizes player development. 

A player’s journey with Footy Factory begins with a dedication to defining their ‘Gold Standard’ – a fully optimized personal prime, the sweet spot at the very edges of ability where effort and intent meet, then designing a blueprint to cultivate it and reaching for that peak point daily. Their belief is that success is simply a consistent, honest expression of self and that these principles will bring value in both sport and life.

Footy Factory is building a network of independent training specialists in major markets everywhere who operate collectively with a singular vision for the holistic manner in which players should be developed. They aim to instill a passion for growth within the context of the game and inspire future generations of players, coaches, and trainers to push their limits and maximize their own potential.

Jonathan Stern

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Jonathan Stern is a highly skilled performance coach who helps working professionals achieve their specific performance and wellness goals within the context of their unpredictable, hectic lives. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Sport Psychology Graduate, and multi-sport competitor, Jonathan brings a unique blend of expertise to his Houston-area in-person coaching and his online Mind Body Revamp program.

Jonathan’s integrated methodology combines evidence-based concepts of physiology, mental skills training, and behavior change to provide a comprehensive approach to performance improvement. He goes beyond customized workouts and nutrition, focusing on boosting self-awareness and improving clients’ overall routines.

Thanks to Jonathan’s system, clients have achieved remarkable results, including significant weight loss, running their first half marathon, and overcoming long-lasting pain and movement limitations. But Jonathan’s coaching goes beyond short-term goals. He strives to help clients internalize new habits for the long term, ensuring lasting transformations that extend well beyond the duration of their coaching engagement.

What sets Jonathan apart is his personal experience as a multi-competitor in the Boston Marathon and many running races, obstacle course races, and CrossFit. He understands the unique challenges and demands faced by high performers and has been trained to carry out specific sport performance interventions. 

Moreover, his approach is characterized by his genuine commitment to making authentic connections with his clients. He goes the extra mile, working tirelessly until his clients achieve the results they desire. Clients can expect a comprehensive, holistic, and results-driven approach that will empower them to reach new heights in their personal and professional lives. 

Lucie Burns

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As the Lead Coach and Founder of Stage Ready Artists, Lucie Burns is a highly sought-after performance coach with over 20 years of experience. Her notable appearances on TV and her unwavering passion and expertise, have propelled her to the forefront of the industry. Lucie specializes in working with musicians and performers, helping them enhance their stage confidence, master their mindset, connect with their audience, and perform authentically. 

What sets Lucie apart is her holistic and intuitive approach, which recognizes the undeniable connection between mind, body, emotion, and performance. She goes beyond the surface, connecting with the person behind the performer, understanding the importance of nurturing artists emotionally and creatively so they can navigate their profession with confidence and optimism. 

Beyond her coaching, courses, and masterclasses, Lucie is also known as ‘Lazy Hammock,’ an accomplished artist, songwriter, and music producer. With her own successful music career and millions of streams worldwide, she brings a unique perspective and deep understanding of the challenges faced by musicians and performers.

Lucie’s impact extends further through her hosting of ‘The Singing Buddha Podcast’ and her upcoming podcast, ‘The Performer Lounge,’ where she shares valuable insights and answers performers’ pressing questions. Her upcoming book, ‘The Art Of Live Performance – Unlocked,’ will further share Lucie’s expertise, providing a wealth of knowledge and guidance to aspiring and established artists. 

With Lucie Burns and Stage Ready Artists, you will unlock your full artistic potential, elevate your craft, and consistently captivate your audiences by transforming your performances.

Damian McDoom

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DM Performance, led by renowned performance coach Damian McDoom, is dedicated to helping individuals of all backgrounds unlock their full potential and achieve peak performance. With a focus on optimizing both physical and mental health, Damian empowers elite-level athletes, devoted parents, and anyone seeking a healthier, higher-performance lifestyle.

Drawing upon years of self-practice and extensive research, Damian employs a systematic approach that has been proven to enhance human performance. His innovative programming creates a unique training environment, exposing athletes to situations and movements they are likely to encounter in their specific sport. By ensuring athletes are prepared both physically and mentally, Damian instills confidence and helps them perform at their best, leading to remarkable achievements, including even national-level athletes securing gold medals.

DM Performance bridges the gap between physical and mental performance, recognizing that true success lies in the harmonious integration of both aspects. Damian leaves no detail unnoticed, crafting personalized programs for each client that encompass key performance indicators such as movement quality, nutritional practices, cognitive function, and regeneration techniques. By educating clients about the interconnectedness of the mind and body, Damian enables them to lead a higher quality of life and realize their true potential.

Get in touch with Damian to embark on a transformative journey with the help of his expert guidance, tailored programs, and invaluable insights to optimize your performance, achieve your goals, and live a fulfilled and balanced life.

Make sure to go and follow all these amazing performance coaches to continue to watch as they make their mark on the world.

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