15 Empowering Female-Led Podcasts You Need to Listen to

Imagine stepping into a world of podcast narratives that empower like hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. It’s like finding a secret vault of inspiration and connection, where stories echo with an unwavering strength and wisdom that binds people together. These days, female podcast hosts are causing a real stir, putting the spotlight on empowerment, weaving connections, and sharing stories that hit you with a strong dose of insight.

They’ve got a knack for steering conversations that break barriers and lift up folks from all walks of life. Acting as master curators, they put together discussions that give you a roadmap to feeling strong and fulfilled. They’ve got a mission: to help you be your best self and cheer you on from the digital airwaves. The podcasts we’ve gathered below, all 15 of them, dive into a variety of topics because they know life is a colorful mix. You can count on them to deliver conversations that make you think, make you grow, and guide you through whatever you’re facing. Here is our list of top 15 must-listen female-led podcasts:

Essential Anne

Meet Essential Anne, a remarkable podcaster and leading authority in women’s wellness. With her unwavering dedication to holistic health, Essential Anne inspires women to embrace their bodies and transform their lives. In her acclaimed podcast, “Women’s Wellness That Works,” Essential Anne fearlessly explores essential conversations, sharing her personal journey of overcoming infertility and surviving life-threatening surgeries. Her story of resilience and healing serves as an inspiration to listeners.

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As the CEO of Essential Anne Media LLC, Essential Anne is a renowned Women’s Wellness Expert and advocate. With over two decades of experience as an International Functional Breathing Specialist, she offers invaluable insights into healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Essential Anne’s achievements are notable and diverse. Other than being recognized as a national Women’s Wellness Expert, she has achieved international acclaim as a Functional Breathing Specialist. Her accomplishments include being the first Yoga for Golfers instructor in Las Vegas, being named among the Top 50 Influential Filipinas, and featured in Louise L. Hay’s book, “Modern Day Miracles.”

Through Essential Anne Media LLC, she empowers women to live natural lifestyles, promoting optimal health, happiness, and abundance. Her platform provides self-love events, insightful podcast interviews, and engaging social media content. Essential Anne’s groundbreaking Breathing Program, “Your Essential Breath,” offers men and women a comprehensive toolkit for conscious breathing through a Breathing App, Ebook, and Breathing Affirmation Cards.

Looking ahead, Essential Anne aims to complete her book, “Women’s Wellness That Works: A Woman’s Guide to Optimal Health,” collaborating with healthcare professionals and bridging the gap of out-of-pocket healthcare costs for functional medicine for women. She also plans to document global women’s wellness practices, showcasing natural self-care approaches.

Dr. Cat Meyer

Dr. Cat Meyer, a renowned psychotherapist specializing in Sex, Trauma, and Psychedelics, is revolutionizing the field with her unique approach. Through her ketamine-infused psychotherapy, she creates a safe and transformative space for clients to explore their inner selves, heal maladaptive patterns, and unravel emotional entanglements. With notable research published in Sexuality and Culture and her book “SexLoveYoga,” Dr. Cat combines psychology, human behavior, and poetry to provide deep validation and inspiration for growth.

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A sought-after speaker, Dr. Cat has graced prestigious stages worldwide, including the Health Optimisation Summit and Sexual Health Expo. Her company, SexLoveYoga, combines yoga philosophy and trauma work to offer a holistic approach to sexual health, trauma therapy, and LGBTQ+ support. Drawing from personal experiences in communities like Tantra, BDSM, and indigenous plant medicine, Dr. Cat provides compassionate and comprehensive guidance while challenging societal stigmas.

Driven by her vision of being surrounded by sexual liberation, Dr. Cat has developed psychedelic-assisted training programs for therapists and facilitators. She plans to expand her sensuality retreats to incorporate legal ketamine sessions and psychedelics. Currently working on a comprehensive book, she is weaving together her expertise to inspire personal growth, erotic inspiration, and profound healing.

Dr. Cat Meyer is reshaping sex therapy, trauma healing, and psychedelic-assisted therapy through her podcast, Erotically Wasted, and Love Sex and Psychedelics. She empowers individuals to embrace their authentic selves, overcome trauma, and unlock profound transformation.

Betty Murray

Betty Murray, the visionary CEO and founder of Living Well Dallas Functional Medicine Center, stands as a shining beacon of expertise and a fervent advocate for women’s health. At the forefront of her niche, Betty hosts “The Menopause Mastery Podcast,” where she effortlessly translates complex scientific concepts into easily digestible nuggets of wisdom. With an impressive roster of esteemed professionals from diverse fields, Betty imparts invaluable insights to her devoted listeners. However, her podcast is more than just an informative platform—it serves as a resounding battle cry for equality in women’s health.

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Betty creates a supportive community of women who are enthusiastic about improving their health, vitality, passion, and purpose through meaningful conversations. Her unwavering dedication to bridging the gender health gap propels her words into tangible actions that pave the way for true equality. By amplifying women’s voices and championing their unique health needs, Betty’s podcast is driving a transformative shift in the landscape of women’s health.

As a top podcaster in her field, Betty Murray is breaking down barriers, empowering women, and propelling the future of women’s health to new heights.

Lina Forrestal

Introducing Lina Forrestal, the remarkable voice behind the acclaimed “New Mamas Podcast.” As a podcast host and motherhood blogger, Lina fearlessly shares her journey as a mother, embracing vulnerability and breaking down taboo topics from postpartum mental health disorders to bed sharing. Her authenticity resonates with listeners, making them feel supported on their own motherhood journey.

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With over 100k downloads and having been featured in reputable publications like Disrupt and Yahoo, the New Mamas Podcast is gaining recognition as a valuable resource for new mothers. Inspired by her own experience with postpartum anxiety, Lina created a judgment-free space where mothers can openly share and be heard.

Lina’s mission is clear – to be the best podcast for new mothers. Through her genuine approach and heartfelt conversations, she aims to empower and uplift fellow mothers providing a much-needed platform for shared experience and unconditional love. Lina’s dedication to authenticity cements her as one of the leading voices in podcasting, inspiring and guiding countless mothers along the way. Listen to the New Mamas Podcast on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Elizabeth Bolliger

Are you a soon-to-be mom looking for a childbirth experience and education like no other? Meet Elizabeth Bolliger, also known as Fierce Lizzie, a childbirth educator and podcaster who is revolutionizing the way women approach birth.

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Lizzie empowers women to embrace physiologic birth. She believes that birth is often more predictable than we’re led to believe, and it’s often the routine interventions that cause disruptions to the natural process and can lead to unexpected outcomes.

She is also a passionate advocate for birth rights, fighting against the medicalization and infantilization of women in the birth system. By empowering women to be in the driver’s seat of their birth experience, Lizzie aims to reduce the cascade of interventions that can lead to high cesarean rates.

With over 200 women benefiting from her advocacy-based birth course, Unmedicated Academy, Fierce Lizzie has made a significant impact on the lives of expectant mothers. Looking ahead, she aims to continue to educate and empower more mothers to have powerful birth experiences.

To learn more about Fierce Lizzie and her mission, visit her website and tune in to her podcast  “Unapologetically Unmedicated.” You can also follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

Duo Collective

Duo Collective, the leading boutique organic marketing studio, is revolutionizing business growth without the need for costly ads or questionable tactics. Founded by Abbey Oslin and Courtney Petersen, SEO and design experts, Duo Collective is the go-to resource for entrepreneurs and creatives.

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With a remarkable 20+ year track record, Duo Collective has empowered countless clients, boosting search engine rankings and conversion rates. They also offer a game-changing 6-week coaching program for web designers and copywriters to enhance their SEO skills and boost confidence and profitability.

Abbey and Courtney, acclaimed podcasters, together host an award-winning show that educates entrepreneurs on cutting-edge marketing strategies and feel-good growth tips. Their podcast stands out in the industry, recognized as the Best Podcast of 2022 by Quill and listed in the Top 5 Podcasts by Twin Cities Collective.

Further establishing its credibility, Duo Collective was featured on the renowned Goal Digger podcast, solidifying its position as an exceptional organic marketing studio. Abbey and Courtney, successful entrepreneurs themselves, inspire others with their unwavering ambition.

Abbey and Courtney’s mission is to connect with aspiring business owners around the globe, nurturing a thriving community. Through speaking engagements and their coaching program, they equip individuals with the tools and strategies for success.

Discover Duo Collective’s mission and programs at its official website and listen to their podcast, Duo On Air, wherever you love to binge your podcasts. Follow them on Instagram and subscribe to their free newsletter for valuable insights.

Sarita Buer

Introducing Sarita Buer: a potential catalyst for your healing, self-love, and creating the life of your dreams. As the founder of Sarita Wellness and the host of the “Back To Here With Sarita” podcast, Sarita Buer has made a name in the world of holistic wellness. Her extraordinary background as an International Transracial Adoptee brings a unique perspective to self-love and healing.

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Sarita’s mission is to empower women, guiding them on their healing journeys and helping them manifest their desires. Through her podcast, she generously shares practical tips, valuable resources, and empowering tools to support her audience’s personal growth.

With Sarita Wellness, she aspires to impact countless women, offering a holistic approach to abundance healing. Alongside group coaching, Sarita plans to curate transformative experiences through wellness retreats and live events, creating immersive environments where women can thrive.

To connect with Sarita Buer, join her vibrant community on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, andFacebook. 

Lianne McAughey

Meet Lianne McAughey, an extraordinary podcaster reshaping how we perceive life through her insightful show, “The Spiritual Shiftworker.” With a distinguished 23-year career in Law Enforcement, Lianne offers a distinctive outlook on personal growth and the power of embracing the present moment.

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Lianne’s podcast transcends the boundaries of conventional thinking as she draws from her own experiences. She invites listeners to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery by sharing her inspiring story and engaging in thought-provoking interviews.

“The Spiritual Shiftworker” is more than just a podcast; it’s a catalyst for change. Through captivating storytelling and enlightening conversations, Lianne guides her audience toward embracing an extraordinary life. With each episode, she provides practical insights and actionable steps that empower individuals to make big and small positive shifts.

Moving forward, Lianne’s ambition is to expand the reach of her podcast, ensuring she can continue to inspire and uplift countless lives. Even now, she has guests listening in from all over the world, from Canada (North America) to the UK to Switzerland to Thailand.

By connecting with Lianne, you’ll gain access to a wealth of wisdom and embark on a transformative journey that will forever alter your perspective. Join Lianne McAughey and her growing community of listeners as she uncovers the path to a more fulfilling existence through “The Spiritual Shiftworker” podcast.

Tune in to discover your inner potential and embrace the extraordinary possibilities.

Heidi Moore

Cheers to a fresh perspective on wine! Heidi Moore, the host of Wine Crush Podcast,  brings a unique outlook to the wine industry. Immersed in her love for grape wineries, Heidi embarked on a journey to expand her wine expertise at Linfield University. There she uncovered a profound affection for the remarkable individuals within the wine industry.

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Motivated by her newfound passion, Heidi founded Wine Crush to demystify wine. With over 100 interviews and 75+ episodes, Wine Crush has gained a global audience, spotlighting the incredible talent of boutique and small wine producers who often go unrecognized.

The podcast’s success has not only brought joy to wine enthusiasts worldwide but has also propelled Heidi’s insurance business, which caters specifically to the wine industry.

In the future, Heidi’s ambition for Wine Crush is to go global by featuring producers and wines from around the world. With her love for travel, Heidi eagerly anticipates exploring new regions and sharing their stories with her audience.

To connect with Heidi Moore and explore the fascinating world of wine, visit the Wine Crush Podcast. You can also follow Wine Crush on Instagram and Facebook.

Dr. Hortencia Jimenéz

Do you seek compassionate and holistic guidance in healing your relationship with food and body image?

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Dr. Hortencia Jimenéz, is of Huichol ancestry, born in the Sierra Madre in the state of Nayarit, Mexico, and immigrated to the United States as a child. She is a mother, Sociology professor, author, health coach, and podcaster who is passionate about helping women of color, especially Latinas, heal their relationship with food and body image from a non-diet approach.

Certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (INN), and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Dr. Jimenéz is not your typical health coach but one who will dive into the deep-rooted trauma revolving around food and body image with an intersectional, social, and racial justice lens.

Dr. Hortencia Jimenéz has received numerous recognitions for her work and has spoken about nationality and internationality to English and Spanish-speaking audiences. She comes to the field of anti-diet work with a trajectory of over 20 years working in higher education, social justice, and immigrant rights.

Dr. Hortencia Jimenéz is a published author, and her current book project is about helping Latinas divest from diet culture, reclaim their power, and be unapologetically authentic.

If you struggle with food and body shaming and are tired of dieting, you can work with Dr. Hortencia Jimenéz. She offers 1:1 coaching, training, workshops, and speaking engagements. You can also purchase her course based on a five-part framework in healing food and body image. Follow Jimenéz on Instagram, tikok, or visit her website for more information.

Angela O’Brien

Angela O’Brien is a remarkable individual who has taken the podcasting world by storm with her show, “Especially Organized: Sensible Solutions for Special Needs Moms.” Her podcast serves as a platform for helping special needs mothers navigate the challenges of organizing their homes and lives. Her empathetic personality and open-mindedness make her a relatable host who connects deeply with her audience.

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Raising a 19-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome, Angela intimately understands the overwhelming emotions that can accompany this journey. She recognizes the time constraints special needs parents face, juggling multiple responsibilities, from caring for their child’s needs to maintaining a household, job, and relationships.

To share her experiences with struggling special needs mothers, Angela started her podcast Especially Organized. It is a haven where special needs moms can find solace, inspiration, and practical solutions tailored to their unique circumstances. With Angela at the helm, the podcast is poised to continue its growth and become an invaluable resource for the special needs community.

Angela has ambitious plans to expand her podcast and offer additional resources to her audience. She envisions writing a book, creating a digital course, and establishing a community membership to further support special needs moms on their journey toward organization and fulfillment.

Dr. Cristina Castagnini

Meet Dr. Cristina Castagnini, a licensed psychologist and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist with over 20 years of clinical experience.

Ever-aspiring to help others, she is the founder of a thriving private practice and host of a weekly podcast,  “Behind the Bite.”

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Motivated by her belief that her own recovery from an eating disorder would have been so much less of a struggle had she had more information or heard others openly talking about their stories, Dr. Castagnini started her podcast.  On it, she not only shares her own mix of personal and professional perspectives but invites amazing personalities to share theirs. She hopes to educate the masses about candid struggles with weight, body image, food, and more. Her podcast tackles everything – from discussing the connection between mental health and eating disorders to guiding parents on raising children without the diet culture.

As a psychologist and a certified eating disorder specialist, she gives her clients the validation they need to leave their struggles behind and move forward. Dr. Castagnini aims to upscale her efforts, planning in-person and virtual retreats to help people with their body image and eating disorders.

To learn more about Dr. Castagnini’s cause, visit her website and follow her on Facebook.

Megan Porta

Meet Megan Porta, the visionary behind Eat Blog Talk, a podcast that has taken the food blogging industry by storm. Megan’s podcast stands out for its authenticity and realness in this rapidly growing and competitive arena.

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In her podcast, the interviews are unscripted, creating a natural, relaxed, and relatable atmosphere, setting her apart from others in the field. As a seasoned food blogger of nearly 13 years at Pip and Ebby, she intimately understands the challenges and struggles her audience faces, making her advice invaluable.

Eat Blog Talk is more than just a podcast; it’s a thriving community that nurtures and supports food bloggers at every stage of their journey, propelling their growth and empowering them to achieve newfound freedoms. Megan’s dedication to helping others led her to expand her offerings into 1:1 coaching and high-level mastermind groups, which have become sought-after transformational experiences.

However, Megan’s aspirations do not end there. Her unwavering commitment to delivering high-value content pushes her to explore new horizons, such as hosting in-person retreats. Her ultimate goal is to acquire a home solely for this purpose, enhancing her impact on her community. As she continues to navigate the ever-changing landscape of podcasting, she remains dedicated to delivering even greater value.

Elizabeth Louis

Elizabeth Louis, president of E. Louis International, is a source of boundless inspiration, empowering individuals to unleash their potential, create a positive impact, and find fulfillment. With a proven track record of success, she employs coaching, speaking engagements, courses, and her captivating podcast to instill a belief in the extraordinary and nurture a resilient, optimistic mindset.

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Armed with two graduate degrees in Positive Psychology and Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Elizabeth possesses expertise in spirituality, neuroscience, psychology, and therapeutic techniques. Her transformative approach revolves around reshaping one’s identity by rewiring the mind with a fresh lens, mindset, and language. This process empowers clients to achieve radical transformation, as evident in her acclaimed podcast, The Liz Show. Here, she guides listeners on people strategy, productivity, self-control, effective communication, faith, and conquering negative mindsets.

With a remarkable client roster of over 550 high performers, entrepreneurs, and professional athletes, Elizabeth’s impact is profound, often resulting in a significant change in just two sessions. Her passion, unwavering belief, and unconditional love for her clients make her an invaluable partner on their personal and professional success journey.

For a dose of Elizabeth’s wisdom, visit her website, and follow her on Instagram and Youtube. Brace yourself for an enriching experience that will unlock your potential and propel you toward a life of abundance.

Kristin Gaither

Have you ever stumbled upon the perfect fusion of beauty seamlessly blended with health and wellness? Enter Kristin Gaither, where these exceptional qualities coalesce into a captivating voyage. Think of dreams meshing with reality, and you’ll find Kristin radiating at its core. A staunch advocate for holistic living, she wears the dual hats of a beauty consultant and a health and wellness coach with élan.

Screenshot 2023 09 07 at 8.23.15 AM

In the realm of Kristin’s initiatives, beauty and wellness dovetail seamlessly. Rootd brings forth powder multivitamins coupled with hydration, presenting an all-encompassing solution. Following closely is Booty Bands & Barbells, designed meticulously to trim fat while preserving your alluring curves. This collaboration epitomizes the synergy between fitness and aesthetics. The Monat lineup acquaints you with indulgent serums, hydration enhancers, and rejuvenating shampoos, forging a nexus between meticulous self-care and sheer elegance.

Dive into the vibrant world of Instagram, where Kristin sketches out a blueprint for a richer lifestyle. Her prowess in yoga and deep dives into nutrition form the bedrock of her counsel. Meanwhile, her enthralling reels whisk you away on her wanderlust-filled escapades. Notably, Kristin unveiled her latest endeavor, the Spilled Tea Podcast. Here, she delves into the realms of finance, opening on affluence and the decadence we rightfully deserve. Keep an ear out for this riveting content!

Kristin embodies the realization of dreams and the melding of beauty with holistic well-being. Set forth on a voyage where the demarcations between ambition and reality fade and where aesthetics and well-being walk side by side. To experience her guidance firsthand, reach out for a coaching consultation.

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