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Twitter is still one of the most widely-used social media networks; while it doesn’t have numbers quite as high as giants like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, it is still a renowned platform that pulls in hundreds of millions of users monthly.


Twitter has been around since 2006 and is the home of the hashtag, seeing its first use on Twitter in 2007. There is plenty of traction to be gained on Twitter for all types of users, from businesses to brands to influencers and public figures, just to name a few.


If you’re looking to grow your Twitter presence and establish a solid reputation on the platform, there are plenty of tools that can help you to create a strong strategy for gaining more regular viewers for your tweets.


There are many users on Twitter, which means that there is still a lot of competition; it can take a while to develop a reputation on Twitter, so gaining more regular viewers can help you to strengthen your presence on the platform.


The best way to do this is to get more Twitter followers; your tweets will be seen by an engaged audience on a regular basis, which can help perpetuate more growth and more reach for your content.


Getting people to follow your Twitter can be a challenge, however; many users on Twitter mostly follow the topics they care about through hashtags, so you’ve got to get your content in front of the right audience so they’ll be interested in following you and seeing your content on a regular basis.


It can be a challenge to do so on your own, since generating interest in your social media accounts takes a lot of time and hours spent in front of the app. You’ve likely already logged countless hours on Twitter trying to get more followers.


Luckily, there are plenty of tools that can help you to get Twitter followers. You can buy Twitter followers from a handful of reputable companies helping to increase your follower count as well as engagement levels on the platform.


Buying from the right company is the key to ensuring that this strategy works, and we’ve created this article to help you do just that. We’ll cover:

  • Why people buy Twitter followers
  • Top 15 sites to buy Twitter followers
  • How to buy Twitter followers
  • How to get more Twitter followers


Our hope is that after reading you’ll have the confidence and know-how to buy Twitter followers from the company that best suits your needs.


Ready? We are! Let’s get started.

Why Buy Twitter Followers?

The general perception around buying social media followers and engagements isn’t a positive one; many feel that buying Twitter followers (or any other social media followers for that matter) is dishonest or cheating.


While this perspective could be true if you just buy a bunch of fake followers for numbers only, there is a lot that buying Twitter followers can actually do for your long-term Twitter performance.


When you do it the right way and with the right company, it’s not cheating at all. It’s simply a tool that can help you to gain more Twitter growth over time and to get things moving. Here are some of the main benefits you can reap when you buy Twitter followers:

  • Better reputation: Twitter is a platform that is very much centered around authority and reputation; if you aren’t a credible source, then you won’t be able to gain much traction on the platform. One of the ways that users of Twitter gage reputation, albeit a bit shallow, is to check out the number of followers that a user has. The more followers a user has, the more likely they are to be deemed as credible by their target audience. This is good not only for your Twitter performance but also for cross-platform presence; when you have a good presence on multiple social media networks, your reputation will grow even more.
  • Save time: if you want to get more Twitter followers on your own, it takes a lot of time and patience. You have to engage with users on the platform and make sure that the users you choose are part of your target audience. When you buy Twitter followers, you can minimize this process, especially if you choose an organic Twitter growth service that will do it for you.
  • Grow quicker: More followers bring more followers— this is a principle based on social proof. When you have a lot of followers, as we mentioned above, users find you to be more credible and reputable. Users on social media want to be part of thriving communities and conversations that are widely enjoyed by many; therefore, when you already have a lot of followers, people will be more likely to follow you because they don’t want to miss out on something that is popular with others. Conversely, they want to be a part of it.
  • More engagement: When you buy real Twitter followers, your content is getting out there to more people and being seen on a regular basis. Since these users are real and active on Twitter, they’re likely to like, comment, or retweet your content, helping to not only boost your follower count but also engagement levels. This helps to get your content shown to users more frequently and expand your reach according to the Twitter algorithm.

1. Twesocial


Known as the top organic Twitter growth service on the market, Twesocial has everything you need to build a real reputation on Twitter and get your profile growing through more Twitter followers, likes, retweets, comments, and more.


Building a Twitter presence on your own can take a huge amount of time and effort, which is why delegating this responsibility to Twesocial is the best decision you can make. You’ll have more time to focus on content strategy and other social media networks that will continue to strengthen your online reputation.


When you sign up for Twesocial, your growth will be completely targeted; your account manager tailors your campaign specifically to your account and will engage with users based on the targeting options that you provide.


Twesocial’s service is 100% in line with Twitter’s terms of use, keeping your account safe and productive without the risk of being flagged by Twitter.


Plans for Twesocial services vary and you’re able to pay either monthly or weekly, offering added flexibility and attainable for any budget. They offer both a regular and pro plan, allowing you to choose the level of support you need from Twesocial.


If you want the absolute best option to buy Twitter followers from, Twesocial is it— you’ll get real Twitter followers that will actually help your Twitter performance for a long time to come, and you’ll keep growing at healthy levels consistently.

2. Tweeteev


Looking to gain real Twitter followers to gain authority on the platform and build a strong reputation? Tweeteev gets you the attention that you need. They are an organic Twitter growth service that gets you noticed by the right Twitter users and increases your real Twitter follower count.


All you have to do is sign up with their service and you’ll receive an email that will ask you for some info regarding your Twitter target audience. They will use that information to then create a campaign especially for your account, bringing you real, targeted Twitter followers.


This saves you a massive amount of time since they’ll engage with users on your behalf, helping you to get noticed by all the right users. These users will also like, comment, and retweet your content because they are real users that are interested in your content.


When you use an organic Twitter growth service, you get the results you need to develop a long-term Twitter strategy. Tweeteev is completely safe and fully managed, giving you the best in terms of both results and functionality.

3. UseViral

UseViral has been developing their expansive network of users for years to help provide clients with real Twitter followers and engagements. They also work to grow your other social platforms including YouTube, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, and more.


If you want real accounts that will actually help your Twitter growth over time, UseViral is one of the best options on the market. They are completely secure and always provide the best in quality to their clients.


They have many different package options and can partner with you to ensure that you receive the top quality when it comes to Twitter followers, likes, and more.


UseViral will undoubtedly help you to increase your presence on social media and get you the reputation you deserve.

4. SidesMedia

When you’re looking to gain more exposure for your brand and build an active community of Twitter users that engage with your content, SidesMedia is one of your best bets. They have plenty of options for buying Twitter followers.


The great thing about SidesMedia is that they offer 72-hour delivery, helping you to get your packages quickly and safely. Your followers will be completely authentic because they have a huge in-house network that provides their clients with real followers and engagements.


SidesMedia cares about the results that they provide their clients with and you’ll be able to get growth for other networks as well, including Twitch, TikTok, YouTube and more. Get growing today with SidesMedia!

5. SocialViral

SocialViral meets and exceeds the expectations of their clients. They are one of the most popular companies to buy Twitter followers from and will help get you the followers you need to boost your influence and reputation.


Packages start at 100 followers and go up from there. The process for buying Twitter followers and other engagements such as likes is incredibly easy and your order will arrive in just a matter of hours or days depending on the number that you buy.


If you are looking to build a strong reputation on Twitter or even go viral, don’t miss out on SocialViral.

6. Trollishly

Looking for a company to buy Twitter followers from can be overwhelming, but when you find one like Trollishly, the effort pays off. When you need premium promotions that will generate more Twitter followers, Trollishly has a range of options available.


You’ll get worldwide Twitter followers that are real and genuine. This is valuable traffic that can help you have a better performance against the Twitter algorithm. You can choose packages that start at 100 followers and increase up to 30k followers.


In addition to a variety of packages, Trollishly also provides a lifetime guarantee for replacement and guarantees high-quality Twitter followers.

7. Media Mister

One of the longest-standing companies in social media growth, Media Mister offers genuine Twitter followers, and much, much more. You can get Twitter followers, retweets, likes, views, poll votes, and impressions from Media Mister.


They offer very safe and secure delivery so that your account is at no risk; what’s more, they also have a guarantee as well as 24/7 support for any questions.


You can grow other social media networks such as YouTube, instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more.


If you’re looking for a company with a standout reputation and years in the game, Media Mister is a top choice.

8. Audience Gain

There are tons of brands and businesses trying to gain a top spot on Twitter, which is why Audience Gain is a great tool that can help you get just the amount of attention and followers that you need.


You can buy high-quality, premium Twitter followers when you buy from Audience Gain. You want followers that will help boost your credibility, not bots and fake followers that beat down your reputation.

Audience Gain can give you just that, and they keep your account totally safe through SSL encryption as well as password-free services. You’ll be very happy with the growth that you see when you use Audience Gain. They also offer services for YouTube.

9. Followersup

When you want to choose exactly the number of Twitter followers to buy, Followersup fits the bill. They have a sliding selector that allows the client to choose the number of Twitter followers that will suit their needs.


They service a variety of other social media platforms including Instagram and YouTube; they offer a lifetime warranty for their packages as well as 24/7 support, making them a reliable option to buy Twitter followers and other social media packages.

10. SocialsUp

With secure and effective delivery, SocialsUp provides Twitter follower packages at affordable prices. You can also buy Twitter retweets and likes.


Packages start at 100 followers and they have a handy filter to help you find just the package for you. They are high-quality users and are delivered with organic, gradual delivery. If you want safety and efficiency, SocialsUp is a wonderful choice.

They also offer many other packages for an array of social media networks.

11. Views Expert

Views Expert has a user-friendly website that makes buying Twitter followers a breeze. You can also get services for many other social media platforms, including SoundCloud, Facebook, Spotify, Twitch, and many more.


Views Expert offers high-quality, active Twitter followers at packages starting at just 100 followers. Their packages increase to 1000 followers for those that want a higher number. They also provide a refill guarantee for any followers you might lose.


All of their packages are delivered within 1-2 days, helping you to get growing quicker.


Their website is protected by SSL secure encryption and you can reach a support team member around the clock if you have any questions about your order or payment.

12. Tweetangels

Tweetangels offers you packages for twitter followers, likes, retweets, and comments to help you have a well-rounded Twitter account with a balanced level of followers and engagement.


Your package is delivered quickly and securely with Tweetangels, and you can find a package that will fit both your needs and your budget, since they want to be able to help any client regardless of their needs.


Tweetangles describes themselves as a social media marketing agency and you can choose either normal Twitter followers or targeted Twitter followers when making your purchase. They also have US-based Twitter followers as an option.

13. Social World

For those that may have a bit of a smaller budget to invest in follower growth, Social World could be just the option you’ve been looking for. It provides effective and valuable services at a low price.


You can get 100 followers for just $2, and you can get up to 10k if you need a higher number. Their payment gateway is completely secure and they don’t require any login information to provide services.


Your order will be delivered quickly and safely, helping to get your Twitter followers onto your account as soon as possible.


With 24/7 support, if you need any assistance or have questions about your order, you can get an answer quick. You’ll love the growth you see with Social World.

14. Social Packages

Offering a nice combination of both quality and value, Social Packages has been a trusted provider of Twitter followers for some time now. If you want genuine Twitter followers, this may be a great choice.


You’ll get your followers drip delivered over a safe time frame based on how many you order; these followers won’t drop off of your account and have a high retention rate.


What’s more, you also get 24/7 support, no password required, as well as a range of options from 100 to 500 to 1000 followers and more.


Social Packages is a widely chosen option when looking for a good place to buy Twitter followers.

15. GetRealBoost

GetRealBoost has been around for quite some time, and even though it’s last on our list, it’s definitely not least. You can get a variety of Twitter packages here including followers, retweets, shares, and comments.


All of these packages can help you to maintain a thriving and successful Twitter account which will continue to grow over time. When you buy Twitter followers from GetRealBoost, you have options.


You can get as few as 50 Twitter followers and it only goes up from there. They have customer service around the clock, and their reputation is great— even some high-profile clients have entrusted them with their Twitter growth.

Guide to Twitter Followers

Now that we have a clear idea of which companies can best help you grow your Twitter followers, we’ll take a look at some of the logistics— how can you safely buy Twitter followers, and how you can help accentuate the results of your purchase by implementing your own strategies.


First we’ll go through the method for buying Twitter followers and then we’ll dive into the best action items for you to focus on for the best possible results.

How to Buy Twitter Followers

Ultimately, buying Twitter followers is an extremely straightforward process. The best companies out there make it very easy for clients to access their services, which helps you and them both. There are a few uniform steps that you’ll go through when you buy Twitter followers.


It’s great news because that means you can spend less time worrying about how to get the service working and spend more time gaining followers and focusing on your own Twitter strategy.


Here is the play-by-play on how to buy Twitter followers:

  • Step 1: The first thing you need to do when buying Twitter followers is to review in detail the website of the company you’re buying from. You should do this so that you can verify that the company is legit, will provide adequate services, as well as know what to expect from the company. The sites on this list are all reputable companies, but you can look into the information just to know what to expect. After you check the information on the site, you can then move on to reviewing the pricing and package option. Depending on the type of service, you’ll either select a quantity that suits your needs or choose a monthly plan that provides the service of your choosing.
  • Step 2: After deciding on which service is best for you, you’ll choose that package and move on to the next step: providing some basic information, including your Twitter handle. If you are using an organic Twitter growth service that performs engagements on your behalf, you’ll also need to provide your password so that they can access your account; don’t worry, this is normal and only a one-time request. They don’t store this information and only use it to be able to engage with others for you. Conversely, if you buy packages of followers in bulk, the company should never ask you for your password, as they will simply deliver the bulk package to your Twitter handle. If they do ask for your password for a one-time purchase, avoid this company. They are trying to obtain your sensitive information.
  • Step 3: Once you provide your basic info, you’ll move onto payment and billing. All you’ll need to do here is enter your financial information so that they can take the payment, either on a one-time basis or on a recurring basis. Some companies may ask you for the billing information first; don’t worry. They will then ask you for all of the details to set up your services.
  • Step 4: At this point, you’ve completed all of the necessary steps to get your services! Now, you’ll just wait for them to begin delivering your followers or engaging on your behalf. If you buy packages, your followers will be delivered over a safe, natural period of time so that your account remains safe. This period depends on how many followers you purchased. If you use an organic Twitter growth service, your account manager will begin working on your behalf as soon as you provide your targeting options and finish the setup process, which is very quick. You can then enjoy more real Twitter followers, likes and engagements through their interactions with targeted Twitter users.

How to Get More Twitter Followers

So far we’ve got a list of the top companies to buy Twitter followers from as well as the step-by-step guide on buying from them. Now you just sit back and do nothing, right?


While that’d be great, that’s not how this works! Too many people fail because they’re simply looking for the easy way out and think that buying Twitter followers will do the trick. It is an effective tool to help you grow, but it’s not something you do once and stop working.


You have to do your part to ensure that Twitter followers have a reason to follow you; your account must continue to put out great content and implement other strategies to keep your followers and engagement growing over the long term.


Buying followers can help to generate more growth, but you’ve got to focus on other elements of your Twitter to ensure true success.


Let’s take a look at 5 things you can do right now to ensure that your Twitter follower growth stands the test of time and keeps growing.

1. Follow Trending Topics

Twitter is very much a platform of trending topics thanks to the hashtag. You need at least one hashtag to get discovered by new users and also to increase engagement; it’s shown that your engagement could increase by roughly 12.6% when using at least one hashtag.


Keep your hashtags relevant to your content and brand so that users viewing that hashtag are likely to be interested in the content that you’re offering. You can incorporate hashtags directly into your tweet or tack them on at the end.


You can use a hashtag generator to select some of the best hashtags for your content. You can also check out competing or similar accounts to get an idea of what hashtags they’re using. Finally, you can check out hashtags that are trending right now so that you know what users are looking for.


Since hashtags are always relevant to topics that are trending on Twitter, if you keep your eye on the movement of hashtags on Twitter, you can keep your content in line with what’s relevant.


Additionally, you should know what’s going on in your own industry or niche to stay up-to-date with the most pertinent information and share news as well as your perspective on it.

2. Tweet Relevant Information

Along the same lines of trending topics, the tweets that you put out have to be relevant to your target audience. This will vary from user to user and niche to niche, but you absolutely must provide users with information they actually care about seeing.


For instance, if your audience base wants to see product tutorials but you constantly post statistics and posts without visuals, your content isn’t likely to perform well. How can you know what type of content will be best for your account?


You can use Twitter analytics to see which type of content performs best; you should test a variety of content types from sales posts, news, updates, product tutorials, how-tos, current events, images, and more.


Then you can gage what is most successful. You can also use keywords and hashtags to see what is performing well so you have a better idea of what to post.

3. Be Consistent

Twitter is not like other social media platforms; while the average number of posts per day on Instagram is one per user, for example, Twitter functions better with a more hands-on content strategy.


This means that you should be posting more frequently on Twitter in comparison to other social media networks. The most effective number of tweets per day is roughly three to seven, according to data.


This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post over 7— some brands and businesses find success through tweeting even up to 20+ times per day. The idea is that your content is valuable and something that your target audience wants to see.


Another thing that you should absolutely do is know your target audience and post when they are likely to be online. This is good to help your already-followers see your content right when it comes out, but you’re likely to get the attention of users that are checking out your content for the first time through hashtags or other suggested content.


Users want to see that you are active, engaging, as well as informative through your Twitter. This is why consistency is so important on Twitter.

4. Post Visual Content

Relevant content is important, but content with visuals typically perform better because it’s more eye-catching and engaging for users. This includes content with both photos and visuals. You want to grab the attention of viewers as they scroll through their feed.


It makes your content more memorable and noteworthy. Posts that include visuals also get more engagement in the way of likes, shares, and retweets.


It can be a simple image meant to get the attention of scrollers, or it can be something that accompanies what was written in your tweet. GIFs are also a great way to get attention from scrollers and also increases the chances that your tweet will get retweeted, especially if it is humorous or witty.


Infographics, however, are the most popular type of visual content, being shared up to three times more frequently than other types of content. Videos are also very popular.

5. Interact with Users

Finally, a great strategy to get more followers and engagement is to interact with users on your Twitter. You should always be responding to comments and engaging with users that are active on your Twitter profile.


This will help you to appear more active and show that you care about your followers and want them to be a part of the community. It also shows that you are human and helps people to connect with you and see that you’re not just a bot posting content because you have to.


Another great thing you can do is reply to other users’ tweets; this can get you noticed by other users that view the tweet you’re commenting on and get more traffic directed to your profile. You want to be thoughtful in your response for maximum results.


You can also retweet or tag other users in your tweets. This helps build relationships with other users in your niche or industry and can help you to be featured or shared later down the road, leading to more follower growth.


Final Thoughts: Top 10 Sites to Buy Twitter Likes

So, there you have it! The best 15 sites to buy Twitter followers, a step-by-step on the purchase process, as well as 5 pro tips to help get more real Twitter followers through your own strategies.


When you combine buying Twitter followers with your own strategy development, you create a powerful opportunity to build a solid community on your Twitter account and increase your presence on the platform.


This can also help your efforts on other platforms since you’ll have an established reputation on Twitter, giving you overall credibility on your other networks as well.


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