It's here. It's HERE!

A group of lovey/lonely ladies (assumption) has put together a calendar in the hopes of quelling those cat lady stereotypes while raising money to help adorable little kitties in need.

Introducing 6 Packs/9 Lives, a wall-hanging gem featuring 14 months of hot dudes letting it all hang out with their feline friends. Mr. March chills with Bubbles the tabby; Mr. February shares a Popsicle with Mr. Vittles; and Mr. June cuddles with a gaggle of kittens tangled with yarn. Slut.

But really, as ridiculous as it is, lord knows there are at least a million women and pubescent girls waiting in line to take one home for themselves. And with each sale, $1 goes to Found Animals, the organization and brains behind this erotic(?) venture.

Each month's high-gloss photo was shot by award-winning photog Adam Bouska (most notable for the “No H8” campaign) so you can rest assured these aren't bathroom-mirror iPhone shots. (Though those are always welcome…minus the boner.)

And a special treat! Meet Mr. January (aka Benjamin) and his cat William!

This calendar's on sale now…what are you waiting for?

LA Weekly