The biggest event in Los Angeles this last weekend, of course, was The Last Bookstore's enormous warehouse sale on West 15th, a two-day orgy of some 70,000 used and donated books, and all of the dry fingers, dust-irritated sinuses, and entire boxes of Dan Brown and The Lovely Bones that you would expect.

But as you can see in this week's Studies in Crap post over on our Style Council blog, there were heaps of strange greatness, as well. Where else might you find a jewel like God is in the Bedroom Too?

Representative Quote:

“For those of you who are married, if sex is not exactly a Disneyland experience, you may find yourself asking God the same question: 'Are we there yet?'”

Your Crap Archivist also dug up Henny Youngman's dirtiest jokes, a guide to improving your sex life though handwriting, a Los Angeles dietician's 1926 jeremiad against “genital deformities,” and much, much more for you to shake your head at over at this week's Studies in Crap!

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