10 Weight Loss Coaches to Work With in 2023

Reaching our weight loss goals is not always easy. There’s no magical formula everyone can follow to achieve the same results, which is why fad diets, supplements, and other shortcuts don’t always work. If they work, the results are not sustainable or long-lasting.

That’s where weight loss coaches come in! If you feel stuck in your weight loss journey and you want to heal your relationship with your body, exercise, and food, working with a professional is the best what to achieve that.

They will offer personalized coaching and services that are effective and lead to real, sustainable change. Here are some of the best weight loss coaches in the game you should consider!

Lori Aloisio


Founded and owned by Lori Aloisio, Healthy and Free Life is dedicated to helping women who struggle with weight loss problems. Lori is a fantastic weight loss coach who is passionate about showing clients sustainable and pain-free options to work towards their goals without it feeling like a constant uphill battle.

Lori has always been passionate about helping and healing, which is why she became a Registered Nurse. She has a holistic view of health and well-being, so she also decided to study alternative medicine and nutrition. She believes in looking at the bigger picture to understand all the factors that contribute to illness and disease because that’s the best way to approach it.

During her time working as a nurse, Lori realized that they were always treating the symptoms and never the cause. After some thought, she understood that the weight loss industry makes the same mistake. That’s why so many people struggle to make progress or maintain it in the long run.

Therefore she decided to create Healthy and Free Life! Lori wanted to make weight loss easier and more approachable for women without strict diets and unrealistic exercise routines. Her approach consists of finding the real reason behind the excess weight and addressing it with trauma healing, working on mindset, applying the law of attraction, and balancing feminine/masculine energies. The goal is to help women find balance and alignment so their bodies can finally let go of the excess weight.

Leslie Chen

Specializing in sustainable weight loss, Leslie Chen is a trusted online weight loss coach based in California, serving clients from all over the world through Rise Lean. One thing that sets Leslie apart is that she leverages time-tested, scientific weight management and food wisdom from East Asia to help people restore their physical, psychological, and sensory instincts to drive weight loss and improved health.

With this approach, clients do 90% less work compared to following diets and achieve long-lasting, sustainable results. Leslie also teaches people to re-calibrate their physical senses and change their psychological response towards food. As such, they can move away from the dieter’s psychology, while staying in control without restricting themselves

Rise Lean is based on 8 years of weight loss coaching experience and Leslie’s personal journey. When she first moved to the US, she gained 50 pounds in a year. No diet or exercise program worked, and her relationship with food became toxic. But when she returned to China for the summer, things immediately changed because she re-embraced the powerful wisdom from her hometown. This is what finally led to success!

Leslie found that the key is to re-write how the body and mind respond to, experience, and process food, and also activate our ability to drive results for ourselves. Today, she provides the guidance clients need through her approach Lean Instinct Formula, which requires transcending the Western framework of dieting and food psychology. Connect with Leslie on TikTok to learn more!

Sarah Pelc Graca

Head Coach at Strong with Sarah, Sarah Pelc Graca helps clients lose weight without giving up any of their favorite foods. Weight loss doesn’t have to be boring, it can be enjoyable and sustainable long-term with the right guidance, and that’s exactly what Sarah and her team provide.

Strong with Sarah offers a signature 1:1 coaching program, the Freedom with Food Formula, which helps clients by focusing on nutrition habit changes, accountability, and mindset changes. The Strong with Sarah team understands that individuals lead unique lives, so they provide a customized nutrition, movement, and accountability plan that leads to results.

Sarah doesn’t believe in restrictive diets or cookie-cutter weight loss programs. As such, Strong with Sarah is focused on teaching and empowering clients to lose weight while still enjoying and living their lives. With a private accountability coach and customizable coaching app, clients have all the guidance and support they need to troubleshoot challenges and celebrate wins together.

Strong with Sarah offers convenient and flexible weight loss programs that don’t add extra stress to people’s lives. All programs are available online, which means anyone in the world can benefit from their weight loss support and guidance. Whether you can crush 6 workouts a week or need to start with one 5-minute walk a week, Sarah and her team will meet you where you are and tailor your specific nutrition and lifestyle program to you. This leads to permanent weight loss and a healthier relationship with food!

Leah Peters

Founder of Leah Peters Fitness LLC & Weight Loss Warriors TM, Leah Peters is one of the most passionate weight loss coaches out there. Her services focus on sustainable, effective fitness and nutrition plans to truly help women transform into the strongest, fittest versions of themselves. Leah is a former fitness competitor and athlete, so she leverages her knowledge and experience to provide effective support to help clients make positive, lasting changes.

One of the things that set Leah apart is her love for wellness and movement, which allow her to offer clear, easy-to-follow resources and encouraging support to all her clients. She is truly happy to be a part of the health and wellness industry because she understands that having a healthy body and mind is what allows us to create a happy life.

Leah’s fitness and weight loss coaching approach is flexible, supportive, and simple. Working towards your fitness goals doesn’t have to feel like torture; you can and should still enjoy your life and the experience of losing weight. As such, Leah specializes in home workouts with minimal equipment, meal plan templates, quick-access diet plans, and accountability.

As a weight loss coach, Leah wants clients to learn how to maintain their results in the long run and stay on track. She’s there every step of the way and she offers not only a database of resources, but also a group chat where she shares daily tips, prizes, and consistent motivation to her community.

Sean Doty

Sean Doty is an experienced weight loss coach with a background in sports science, applied exercise science, and nutrition. He was a track and field team member at Ashland University, where he was also a 6-time All-Academic-GLIAC team member. Additionally, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he funnels into TrAk Athletics as Part Owner and Director of Athletics.

After college, Sean worked as the Assistant Coordinator of the Fitness Education Center at Cuyahoga Community College, overseeing strength and conditioning programs for athletic teams and helping athletes transform their bodies, with some even drafted into the MLB. He also served as a Full Lecturer at Youngstown State University, teaching kinesiology, strength and conditioning, wellness coaching, and more.

Driven by a passion to impact the growing crisis of adult health and fitness, Sean joined the team at TrAk Athletics, co-owned by 3-time female Olympian Lauren Regula and Dave Regula. Together, they created a habit-based approach program to transform the health and fitness of their local community. At TrAk, they focus on rebuilding physical, mental, and emotional strength through coaching, content, and connection.

What sets Sean apart as a weight loss coach is his dedication to the individual. TrAk Athletics provides personalized coaching with dedicated accountability coaches who meet clients where they are. They believe in transforming lifestyles and avoiding pigeonholing clients into a specific training style or workout by melding the science of weight loss and melding it with real-life situations to help clients live authentically.

Shannon Shearn

Passionate weight loss coach Shannon Shearn is the Co-Founder and COO of Relish, a virtual, medical weight care clinic that guides people towards successful and sustainable weight loss. With a holistic approach to health, a strong community, and personalized and medically proven programs, Relish empowers and supports individuals to finally achieve their weight loss goals.

The secret behind Relish’s success is the expert team of weight management specialists, who equip individuals with the tools they need to get to the root of the problem and achieve lifetime health and happiness. Shannon is a part of this team and she’s driven by a deep desire to help people free themselves from the never-ending cycle of dieting.

Relish is also partnered with Kaiser Permanente physicians who have treated over 30,000 obese patients and bring a lot of expertise to the table. Every member is provided with individualized attention and support from a personal coach trained in trauma-informed care, nutrition, and disordered eating. Because the Relish team has years of professional and personal experience with weight loss issues, they treat weight as a symptom.

The cause is often physiological and psychological, which the Relish team strives to uncover and resolve. They achieve that with the first medically proven weight care program that’s focused on attacking the root of the problem by combining mental health support, personal coaching, medication-assisted treatment, and community. This is how they deliver twice the weight loss in half the time as competitors!

Sharon Polsky

Weight loss coach Sharon Polsky leverages 20 years of specialized experience and owns UNLEASHED Fitness, Inc. in Long Beach, California. Sharon creates effective weight loss programs that don’t require any extreme action. Instead, her program focuses on the 5 building blocks of health and wellness; sleep, stress management, water intake, nutrition, and exercise/movement.

Sharon’s program involves Nutrition, Workouts, Coaching on the LUMEN device, and Body Composition Analysis with the Evolt 360 Body Scanner. As a weight loss coach, she focuses on helping clients go through fundamental lifestyle changes instead of giving them fads or extreme diets. This is how Sharon has helped thousands of women achieve their weight loss goals sustainably and permanently.

Through UNLEASHED Fitness, Inc., Sharon provides a fully customized weight loss program women can actually trust and rely on. This program integrates traditional programming, technology, and coaching support in such a way that it enables faster results, and it’s tailored to each individual.

This is Sharon’s true life’s passion and purpose, so she provides more coaching and support than others in the industry. This makes it easier and more realistic for clients to stay on track. After all, real progress happens one day at a time!

In addition to Sharon’s Weight Loss Coaching and Fitness Studio UNLEASHED, she offers programs on reversing Type 2 Diabetes and Menopausal Weight Gain. Sharon can be reached at www.unleashed-fitness.com and looks forward to guiding you toward better health!

Chris Manderino

Chris Manderino is a passionate wellness entrepreneur and experienced weight loss coach who has helped thousands of people transform their health using the principles of functional medicine and real food nutrition.

As the Founder & CEO of LyfeFuel, Chris and his company have designed a system of online coaching paired with complete nutrition shakes that aim to improve metabolic health and support long-term wellness. LyfeFuel emphasizes the importance of real whole foods for effective weight loss, improved energy levels, and becoming the best version of oneself.

Drawing from his first-hand experiences living and working in a dozen countries around the world, including Sardegna (one of the world’s foremost Blue Zones) Chris has developed a deep understanding of the unique lifestyle and dietary habits that contribute to improving health span and optimizing human performance.

With sustainability, transparency, and efficacy at the forefront of everything they do, LyfeFuel is committed to using unique superfoods from around the world to create best-in-class nutritional solutions that set them apart from their competitors.

LyfeFuel uses innovative whole-food ingredients and evidence-based research from the fields of functional medicine and biochemistry to develop its line of metabolic superfuels. From the Essential Nutrition Shakes to the Essentials Nutrition Bar, their products nourish the gut, fill nutrient gaps, and improve metabolic health.

Drawing from his experience as a former NFL athlete, Chris understands the importance of coaching in achieving one’s goals. And, because every weight loss journey is unique, he offers a personalized approach tailored to each individual’s needs.

Cassandra Hill

The dynamic Cassandra Hill is on a mission to empower women, especially women of color, to achieve optimal well-being. With virtual holistic wellness coaching, digital courses, and a range of organic and vegan products, Holistic Living Consulting LLC is your one-stop shop for restoring your mind, body, and soul.

Cassandra’s own journey to remission from systemic lupus inspired her to create a company that operates with the utmost integrity, offering products that have been part of her own natural regimen for years. From vegan meals to shakes and CBD, Holistic Living Consulting products are made in the U.S. and verified for purity by 3rd party testing.

At Holistic Living Consulting, they believe that living a healthier life is the key to reversing disease and unlocking the possibilities of optimal well-being. Cassandra’s passion for facilitating the well-being of others shines through in everything she and her team do. Join them on this transformative journey and embrace a holistic approach to living that will nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Joe Papadopoulos

Meet Joe Papadopoulos, the online fat loss coach and personal trainer who is dedicated to transforming lives forever. With over 7 years of coaching experience, Joe is passionate about helping individuals lose 20+ lbs of body fat, build elite confidence, and maintain a social life while still enjoying the foods they love. He does this through his business JPZeus Coaching.

Joe’s coaching philosophy goes beyond quick fixes and crash diets. He believes in developing sustainable lifestyle, training, and nutritional habits over time for long-term success. In fact, he runs a program called “Elite Shred 90” that’s designed to transform lives in just 90 days, both mentally and physically. Imagine dropping those excess pounds while still indulging in your favorite foods!

But it’s not just about the physical aspect for Joe. He understands that mental health plays a crucial role in achieving sustainable results. That’s why his program includes joining a community of like-minded individuals who support each other, share wins and struggles, and make new friends. No more feeling alone on your weight loss journey – Joe’s community breaks that pattern and provides a welcoming and motivating environment to help you reach your goals.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, Joe’s coaching programs are designed to meet your unique needs and help you create a healthier, happier you. With Joe by your side, you can take the first step toward your ideal body and lifestyle, and he’ll guide you every step of the way. Connect with Joe on Tiktok to learn more!

Christian and Nina Elliot

Christian and Nina Elliot are the amazing pair of full-time health coaches behind TRUE Whole Human, a name which says it all.  With over 18 years of experience as full-time health coaches, including running brick-and-mortar locations, they have developed a truly holistic approach that recognizes the complexity of human beings and addresses the real problems holding clients back.

Unlike other specialized “experts,” TRUE Whole Human takes a depth and breadth approach. They offer memberships, self-study courses, group coaching, and personal coaching, covering a wide range of topics such as nutrition, cooking, fasting, workouts, pre and post-natal care, emotional healing, life coaching, and even in-person retreats.

Christian and Nina blend a deep understanding of health, human nature, emotional intelligence, relationship skills, and project management into their coaching, creating a life-changing journey for their clients. TRUE Whole Human exists to help those with a history of effort with little results and who are ready to ditch overcomplicated formulas or overly simplistic solutions to accomplish the TRUE transformation they are looking for.

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