Last week, Aux.TV published some very bizarre evidence that pointed to the possibility that mouth-breathing poster child of right-wing paranoia Alex Jones might be making techno in his studio in between taping his show Infowars.

The author posted screenshots from a video Jones produced wherein you can see a Roland TR-808 — dance music’s favorite drum machine — and a bank of TB-303s, a machine responsible for the acid sound. Someone on Reddit also found that Alex Jones’ YouTube account commented on a video by acid house don A Guy Called Gerald, asking, “Ahem … that 303?”

Yes, Alex, that is a 303.

To make it even weirder, someone on a Spin article’s comments pointed to the first few seconds of this Alex Jones video, where it looks like another drum machine might be on his table. You can catch a glimpse before the camera tilts up to Jones’ face. The commenter wrote, “is it an Elektron machinedrum?!?” Sure looks like it.

Honestly, what the fuck is going on here? Either Jones is involved in some sort of underground techno cult or there is a simple explanation that we’re all overlooking (like, maybe his engineer or someone that uses his studio makes electronic music?). But the image of Alex Jones being a secret bedroom producer and downloading sample packs certainly is a fun one.

In honor of this ridiculous (but still not disproven) theory, here are 10 paranoid techno and acid jams to soundtrack the dark weeks, months and years ahead, where fake is real and fiction is truth.

“You can't make this up, people!”

Mr. Fingers, “Washing Machine”
Our reality is now that of being inside a washing machine, cycling bad moments from our history around and around as we collectively get sick.

Underground Resistance, “Electronic Warfare”
This whole list could just be the discography of Underground Resistance. What a prescient crew. They knew where this was all headed 25 years ago … down, it’s going down.

Mad Mike, “Lo-Tech Reality”
This track by UR affiliate Mad Mike Banks makes me want to drive into a telephone poll to stop the voices in my head. If you're wondering if your apps are listening to you, (in all seriousness) yes they are.

The Subjects vs. Jeff Mills, “Dark Matter”
Don’t operate heavy machinery while taking this one for a spin.

Egyptian Empire, “The Horn Track”
Pure, rancid chaos. Wake me when the hardcore breaks revival happens.

Bam Bam, “Where’s Your Child”
Is this the scariest name to a dance track ever? This is a close second.

Mr. Fingers, “Acid Attack”
One good turn deserves another, as Larry Heard is the boss of wonked-out alien bass lines.

Dance Conspiracy, “Dub War (Chapter 1)”
These. Are. The. Breaks.

Cybersonik, “Technarchy”
It's all in the track name.

Radioactive Goldfish, “L.S.D. Is the Bomb”
Now is as good a time as any to get into hard psychedelics, no?

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