420 may be over, but it’s not like we’ll stop talking about weed anytime soon! In case you want to learn more about that good blunt you smoked, here are 10 interesting cannabis facts that might surprise you.

10 Interesting Cannabis Facts

1. Oh, the irony: California was the first state to ban cannabis

These days, it’s almost impossible to imagine the Golden State without its beloved pot. However, that was what it was like for the longest time — until 1996. California was the first state to ban cannabis in 1913 under the Poison Act of 1907. Oh, how times have changed!

2. The first US flag is said to have been made out of hemp

You could say weed has always been part of our history — as Betsy Ross’ flag was allegedly made out of hemp. Back then, hemp was a big part of the agricultural industry. And hemp textile was used to make the US flag because it’s known for its durability.

3. More history: George Washington is believed to have grown hemp

It’s commonly believed that George Washington grew cannabis on his Mount Vernon plantation. Whether or not he’s a “Founding Stoner,” historians don’t believe there’s enough evidence to support it.

4. “Canvas” is derived from the word “cannabis.”

It seems that hemp has a lot of uses — other than getting high on it! Back then, art canvases were also made out of hemp. This makes us wonder, pothead painters: is this where you sometimes get your creativity from?

5. Beer and marijuana are related

Now here’s some interesting cannabis facts you may or may not know: Beer and weed — it only makes sense that two of the most indulgent things are distant cousins! Beer hops belong to the same flowering plants as kush.

6. Bob Marley was buried with weed

Our list of interesting cannabis facts wouldn’t be complete without this little tidbit: One of everyone’s favorite reggae musicians, Bob Marley, is often associated with marijuana. Because #1, in Rastafarianism, Mary Jane is a sacrament to them. #2 is because the One Love singer not only smoked it, but he was also buried with it — along with the Bible flipped open to Psalm 23, “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures,”

7. The Golden State is said to have more dispensaries than Starbucks

Angelenos may be stereotyped for our love for iced coffee. However, NPR reported that, apparently, there are more cannabis dispensaries than Starbucks branches in CA

8. Shakespeare was a pothead

To blaze or not to blaze? That *was* the question — and the English playwright and poet more than likely said yes to that. A study (that was published in the South African Journal of Science) was conducted — where researchers examined 2 dozen pipes in Shakespeare’s Stratford-Upon-Avon town and his garden — and found that many of the pipes tested positive for traces of cannabis. How’s that for interesting cannabis facts?

9. The first product sold online was marijuana

When a Stanford University student and an MIT student discuss topics, then you know it’s a conversation between two geniuses — and sometimes, ingenious ways of finding a loophole! In 1971, back when the majority of the world wasn’t even aware that there was even such a thing as the internet, the two students transacted via eBay. The product? A small baggie of weed.

10. It’s technically impossible to overdose on the bud

Of all the interesting cannabis facts, this one is highly important:  Nobody’s ever been reported to have died from marijuana use directly, according to Americans for Safe Access, you’d have to smoke 1,500 pounds of the weed within 15 minutes for you to fatally overdose on it. However, as with most substances, it’s worth noting that there is such a thing as weed overdose. It just so happens that “overdosing” on marijuana isn’t lethal.

Well, That Was Dope!

Based on these interesting cannabis facts, it seems like weed has always been part of our history. And many creative talents seem to also (or especially?) be into pot. Lastly, please don’t try that 1,500-in-15-minutes theory. Not only is it impossible, but you’ll inevitably feel unpleasant side effects long before you reach your goal.

Whether you like to partake or not, most would agree that cannabis is a fascinating substance. Look out for future articles about interesting cannabis facts — after all, there are so many cool and noteworthy things to tell. Meanwhile, happy post-420!

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