10 Career Coaches to Follow in 2023

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Whether your career is in its infancy or you’re ready to change paths, working with a passionate and expert career coach can make a big difference. Career development can be quite daunting and everyone can benefit from the guidance and support career coaches are meant to provide. 

If you need help exploring careers paths, setting and achieving career goals, developing your skills, and finding new and better jobs, among many other things, working with a career coach will make things a lot easier. They have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge under their belt, it’s just a matter of finding the right fit for you. 

Browse our list below to find the top 10 career coaches in 2023!

Bianca Ariel, MBA

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Bianca Ariel, MBA is a distinguished Purpose-Driven Career & Business Coach with over a decade of award-winning experience in the healthcare industry. After a profound spiritual awakening, she redirected her path, leading to the establishment of a business coaching practice focused on holistic medicine and alternative therapy.

Recognizing the struggles of high-achieving professionals – fear, self-imposed limitations, and unfulfillment – Bianca took on the challenge of integrating career coaching into her practice, giving birth to The Recalibrated Career Academy

This pioneering platform empowers ambitious individuals to overcome stagnation and transition from unfulfilling careers to purpose-driven ventures.

The program’s exceptional coaching model, The Revision Method, combines intuitive coaching with strategic actionable techniques, ensuring comprehensive client success. 

Bianca’s unparalleled expertise and fervor for unlocking others’ potential have a profound impact, propelling ambitious professionals towards meaningful and prosperous endeavors. Through her guidance, they embrace their true purpose and achieve remarkable success.

Bianca Ariel’s journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for those seeking a more fulfilling professional life. With passion and dedication, she continues to make a transformative difference in the lives of many, empowering them to reach their highest potential and find true fulfillment in their careers.

Therese Toohey

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Therese Toohey, M.Ed (Leadership), B.Ed (Psychology), is a passionate and transformative career coach, facilitator, and Founding Director of Professional Freedom. With her extensive experience and unwavering dedication, Therese has guided numerous individuals and organisations towards true motivation, meaning, and purpose.

At Therese’s core is the groundbreaking Career Intelligence™ Methodology (CI™), a transformative and unparalleled system designed for those who aspire to make a difference in their careers and leadership. This system has been refined over years of invaluable client feedback and Therese’s lifelong research, so it offers outstanding value. 

Therese’s approach to career coaching is characterised by warmth, wisdom, and laser-sharp insight, underpinned by deep and indispensable knowledge. She understands that people’s careers are vehicles for living with purpose, courage, and passion. So, she’s dedicated to empowering clients to create a career that leads to absolute professional freedom and fulfillment. 

Therese’s services are aimed at exceptional leaders who want to take things further by unlocking deeper impact, greater purpose, and unimaginable meaning in their work. Join Therese Toohey and take advantage of a unique methodology that will equip you with the tools, support, and blueprint you need to intentionally choose what’s right for you in your career.

Debi Creasman and Dana Daniele

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Founded by Debi Creasman and Dana Daniele, former hiring managers and recruiting insiders, The Resume Rehab is a leading job change coaching practice. With their combined experience of over 20 years in the industry, Debi and Dana have sourced, interviewed, and hired thousands of professionals across diverse fields like technology, marketing, sales, finance, insurance, healthcare, higher education, and non-profit sectors.

At The Resume Rehab, their mission is to guide clients through the job change journey swiftly and effortlessly, helping them find work that brings meaning and fulfillment to their lives. Their proprietary Resume Cure framework empowers clients to discover their true worth and uncover their life’s work.

The Resume Rehab prides itself on providing customized 1:1 coaching to clients throughout their job search journey, from defining their career direction to accepting job offers and beyond. Imagine feeling excited on Monday, ready to contribute to a role where your voice is heard, and your ideas are valued and implemented. Imagine making more money than you ever thought possible, doing work that brings you joy.

The Resume Rehab can help you attract your dream job. One that offers you excitement, fulfillment, a better boss, more flexibility, and a better salary. Unlike rigid, one-size-fits-all approaches, this team employs custom packages to empower clients to ask for what they truly desire in their own authentic voice. With the guidance of Debi and Dana, clients delve deep into their options, making career moves that positively transform their lives.

Bill Ostrum

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Career Climbers LLC, founded by seasoned talent acquisition expert Bill Ostrum, is a leading career coaching firm dedicated to helping individuals reach new heights in their professional journeys. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Bill has served as a team member, manager, and independent contractor for a diverse range of companies, from multi-billion dollar corporations to budding startups. 

While his primary specialization lies in IT, Bill brings extensive expertise in executive search, engineering, manufacturing, finance, and government agencies. Career Climbers offers a comprehensive range of services designed to empower job seekers across various industries. Whether it’s career coaching, resume and cover letter writing and editing, personal branding, interview preparation, and coaching, or training courses, Career Climbers provides the tools and guidance needed for success.

What sets Career Climbers apart is its unwavering commitment to supporting individuals from marginalized and underrepresented communities. Recognizing the immense talent and unique experiences found within these communities, Bill and his team take the time to understand and celebrate each individual’s strengths, helping them harness their potential as valuable contributors to organizations. 

With Career Coach Bill Ostrum at the helm, Career Climbers has established itself as a trusted partner for individuals seeking to kick off or advance their careers. Through personalized guidance, unwavering support, and a commitment to empowering marginalized communities, Career Climbers truly stands out. 

Tom Vorselen

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Tom Vorselen is a passionate entrepreneur and experienced trainer who brings his expertise to the forefront with Tom’s Team. Known as the Study Coach, Tom is dedicated to helping individuals unlock their true potential and Tom’s Team focuses on empowering students, young professionals, and adults to overcome learning, mindset, and personal development challenges to achieve their goals. 

With a background in training, coaching, and strategic consulting, Tom has honed his skills and developed a deep understanding of effective and effective learning methods. Driven by his own transformative journey, Tom understands the impact stress and inefficient learning techniques can have on students’ mental health. Recognizing the lack of education surrounding study methods, he established Tom’s Team to address this critical issue. 

Tom’s mission is to teach students how to study effectively, reduce stress levels, and improve their overall well-being. As such, he offers a range of products and services designed to meet the diverse needs of his clients. Including webinars, personalized 1:1 coaching, and more. Additionally, Tom is working on creating relationships with foundations that build schools in Africa and other developing countries. The goal is to contribute to quality education for everyone. 

What sets Tom’s Team apart is Tom’s unique blend of personal experience, extensive coaching expertise, and a natural ability to connect with people of all ages. With nearly a decade of experience in the coaching and training field, Tom has successfully guided individuals ranging from ages 4 to 70 and will continue exercising his passion. 

Asli LeoneScreenshot 2023 08 10 at 3.48.09 PM

Founded by expert career coach Asli Leone, Asli Leone LLC is a boutique recruiting agency with over 14 years of experience in placing creative professionals at the world’s leading agencies and in-house teams. What sets them apart is their unique approach to recruitment and their secret weapon is Asli, who considers herself a connector and mentor rather than a traditional recruiter. 

With a superpower for guiding individuals through the overwhelming journey of job searching, Asli takes pride in introducing genuine, kind-hearted individuals to prestigious brands like Apple, Google, Meta, Nike, and Airbnb. Asli also has a global perspective from living on three continents, which she leverages to actively promote collaboration with fellow digital nomads in her business model. 

Additionally, Asli is an advocate for diversity and inclusion, so she supports individuals from all backgrounds as they navigate unique career paths. When partnering with Asli Leone LLC, clients, and candidates gain access to an open-minded team committed to utilizing their industry expertise in finding the perfect fit.

Asli and her team prioritize fostering positive cultures and value genuine human connections. They go beyond simply securing dream jobs because they believe assisting individuals in finding happiness and fulfillment in all aspects of life is far more important. 

With a mindful, empathetic, and inclusive coaching approach, Asli helps millennials and Gen Z secure ideal job opportunities while leveraging their skills. Through individualized career guidance, resume enhancement, interview preparation, and salary negotiation, her clients gain clarity, excel, and achieve exceptional results. 

Dr. Erin Connolly

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Founder of Next Deployment Career Transition Services Dr. Erin Connolly is a renowned career coach with a track record dating back to 2015. Erin and her team at Next Deployment have empowered thousands of job seekers to realize their full potential through personalized career coaching and a range of essential services.

Erin’s extensive background as a retired Air Force Veteran and Doctor of Business Administration fuels her passion for assisting others in presenting themselves professionally. Having successfully navigated multiple career transitions, from supply logistics to industrial hygiene, financial services, IT, and consulting, Erin possesses a unique ability to translate core competencies across industries. This is the heart of Next Deployment. 

Next Deployment clients range from all industries and educational backgrounds, with a particular focus on supporting veterans and their families during their employment transitions. Erin and her team understand that individual differences are often overlooked in the military’s career transition services, so they offer a truly tailored experience. Their services include career coaching, mock interviews, and training.  

One of the things that set Next Deployment apart is their comprehensive career packages and their ability to go the extra mile by offering one free update to the federal or private sector resume six months after its completion. This update includes incorporating new accomplishments. They also prioritize customer satisfaction by providing unlimited revisions and feedback until clients are pleased. 

Trust Dr. Erin Connolly and the Next Deployment team to guide you through every step of your next career transition!

Tim Madden

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Tim Madden is a renowned Headhunter and Executive Coach and Co founder of Executive Career Upgrades (ECU), a leading provider of career development solutions. With a laser focus on empowering corporate leaders to achieve remarkable success, ECU caters specifically to Directors, VPs, and Executives targeting multiple six figures. The mission of ECU is clear: to help individuals secure the job opportunities and financial recognition they deserve in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Tim and his team understand the value of time and effort in the job search process. That’s why they have meticulously crafted a suite of job search strategies designed to save time and increase the chances of success. From optimizing resumes and LinkedIn profiles to boosting confidence and reinforcing self-worth through our training program modules and career advising group sessions, their services enhance professional branding and positioning.

Executive Career Upgrades also goes above and beyond by guiding individuals in identifying the most promising companies, crafting persuasive messages, establishing meaningful connections with decision-makers, mastering interview skills, and maximizing salary negotiations. 

They leave no stone unturned in ensuring their clients have the competitive edge needed to thrive in their careers. One of the main things that set them apart is their commitment to being a holistic career partner. They recognise that success encompasses more than just job search strategies; it extends to mindset, work-life balance, and overall well-being. By addressing these critical areas, they can successfully guide clients toward professional growth, personal fulfillment, and lasting happiness.

Nicole Patton

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Founded by career coach Nicole Patton, DrivePark Consulting is a dynamic career coaching company empowering individuals in the IT industry. Nicole’s passion for technology and her desire to make a difference led to the creation of DrivePark, providing personalized guidance for entry-level, mid-level, and Executive-level clients. Leveraging her experience as a tech leader, she navigates clients through the tech space successfully.

At DrivePark, clients receive tailored coaching for crafting standout resumes, honing interview skills, developing job search strategies, or transitioning after unemployment. The company’s success grew with contracts from Correlation One, working with individuals transitioning to data analytics careers, and Hacking the Workforce, aiding LGBTQ+ POC individuals in cybersecurity.

Beyond individual transformations, DrivePark actively seeks partnerships with organizations sharing their passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Together, they create opportunities for underrepresented groups to excel in the IT industry.

DrivePark Consulting’s unique approach centers on empowering clients to be in control of their success. By teaching the value of self-worth and confidence in skills, they enable long-term career success.

With specialization in the IT industry at all levels and a focus on marginalized communities, Nicole and DrivePark thrive in guiding individuals to navigate and excel in IT spaces. Their commitment to diversity and expertise sets them apart, making a tangible difference in the lives of those seeking opportunities in the ever-evolving IT field.

Melanie Pritchard

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A true force of positive change in the world of life and career coaching, Melanie Pritchard is a fun and dynamic English lawyer turned Life and Career Coach. CEO of Melanie Pritchard Success Coaching, she has earned a remarkable track record for guiding smart, successful individuals to create lives and careers they love whether through one-to-one coaching or corporate workshops. From nailing productivity, promotions, and presenting to mastering job applications, networking, and leadership, she equips her clients to really thrive in their professional lives.

A trauma-informed certified Life Coach, Telephone Counsellor, Mental Health First Aid Trainer, and Neuro Linguistic and EFT Practitioner, Melanie boasts an arsenal of powerful tools and tricks. Through these, she empowers both private and corporate clients to master their minds, overcome fears, and shatter limiting beliefs to achieve real change. Melanie also specializes in life coaching, helping her clients work out who they are, what they want, and how to design lives they love whether optimising relationships, overcoming imposter syndrome or conquering confidence blocks. 

Garnering recognition in esteemed publications such as Grazia, Women’s Health, Refinery29, Elephant Journal, The Financial Times, and The Lawyer, Melanie has also been featured on popular podcasts like Change Work Life and co-authored books like Shift: A New Era Begins. Furthermore, she hosts her own podcast, The School of Success, where she interviews experts on a range of subjects. 

Known for her infectious energy, Melanie leads clients to revolutionary transformations in their lives!

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