10 Artists On The Come Up

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Bottara was born in Los Angeles, but spent time in Sweden, Italy, and Japan growing up. Being influenced by all of these incredible cultures she took what she had learned and began to pursue a career for herself. Spending many of the summer months writing and falling in love with the process of creating music. Her sound has evolved quickly in the last couple of months, moving from a soft alternative sound to a more vibrant indie aesthetic. With a variety of inspirations, she has never been only in love with one style of music, listeners will be able to hear this in her upcoming debut EP. Bottara is planning to release her debut single Crumble Baby on January 8th 2023, and a full length EP soon after. Bottara is definitely an artist you are going to want to keep your eye on in 2023. Check out Bottara on Instagram here. 


 Gbaby is an exceptionally talented artist new to the industry who was born and brought up in Long Island, New York. He has recently released his second album, “Mr Melancholy” and it is an instant classic. The first instrument Gbaby learned was the drums, which he has been playing since he was six years old. According to him, music is a way of expressing himself and telling his stories, which can lead to deep connections with people being able to bond over shared life experiences. Mr. Melancholy is a 15 song work of art, with a modern electric soulful feel this project has a funk that is hard to find in modern music. Track #12 titled “Mind.Body.Soul” is my favorite track on the project, the build up and melodies match perfectly. Make sure to go give this project a listen on Spotify, and keep up with Gbaby on social media.


Originally from Anitoch, California GMassimo has been making a name for himself in the music industry for over a year now. Shortly after his brother Caesar passed away he began to create music. Music became an outlet for GMassimo, and he began creating music that went on to resonate with a ton of people. His new Album “WOLF” is a deep look into the life of this young star. His slow based production paired with his heartfelt and emotional lyrics makes for a really deep record. GMassimo is an artist who is very relatable to people who have experienced loss/ heartbreak in their life. His universal melodies are catchy and filled with emotion,I see bright things for this young artist’s future. Make sure you listen to his new Album “WOLF” on Spotify, and follow him on Instagram.


Born and raised in Fremont, CA in the San Francisco bay area. Izye was surrounded by artistry and musical talent all of her life. With her grandmother being a talented opera singer at The Met in the 1950’s, and her passion for musical theater at a young age, Izye quickly discovered her dream to become a successful artist herself. A natural entertainer, Izye knew that she loved to put on shows and bring entertainment into people’s lives. This took full effect when she turned the age of 17 and began to pursue a career as a solo artist. Her new EP drops 11/28/22 and will feature 7 of her best songs to date. Make sure to check her out on Spotify and follow her on social media to stay updated on her all things Izye.

Kilo Tae

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland Kilo knew that being an artist was the right path for him from a young age. With music being a part of his life since the age of 15, he was able to form a diverse outlook on music and art in general growing up. Kilo is not an artist who is easily pinned to one genre, or one style. Always evolving and constantly developing into a better artist with each and every release. His new music video “Toxic” is getting national recognition for its catchy up-tempo production, and smooth lyrical delivery. Recently his music has been evolving to a point where people are going to have to take notice. Go listen to Kilo on Spotify and follow him on social media.

Maddie Park

Maddie Park has just released her latest song “i hate u” and it has become an absolute favorite of her fans. Maddie Park was born and raised in the Bay Area, but soon afterwards moved to Los Angeles for her studies. Not many singers have the quality to take their listeners into a soulful and soothing experience with their songs. Maddie Park is capable of doing just that because of her remarkable compositions and her raw emotional voice. Her song, “i’ll call you back” under Lattea Records is no different. Maddie Park writes touching lyrics that reflect her feelings at the time of creating this song, and is easily relatable to so many. Follow Maddie Park on Instagram so that you can remain in the loop and keep up with her upcoming releases.

N’Shai Iman

N’ Shai Iman has slowly become one of my favorite singers because of her unique and natural vocals that are rarely found in R&B artists nowadays. She has an exceptionally soothing and light tone which is quite rare and unusual for an R&B singer. She has recently released her new 11 song Album titled “Love Ain’t Thrill”, which is slowly spreading into the music loving masses. Her voice across this project shines through with its beautiful resonance, this is a stand out project to end the year. Not many underground artists have the immense amount of talent which N’ Shai Iman possesses. The way she is sounding, it won’t be a big surprise if she is not an underground artist next year. The intro track on the album, “Butterflies” deserves to be listened to on all streaming platforms and make sure to follow her social media pages as well so that you are updated with the latest news.


Prizm is an artist originating from East Toronto, and he has been producing music for the past five years.  Apart from inspiring others, his purpose is to create music as a way to express his inner thoughts and feelings. His most recent song featuring Trendi AA titled “Another Day Another Dollar” has been in rotation for the last couple of weeks.

This atmospheric rap style is unique to Prizm, I really haven’t heard very many artists like this in my life. With a very transcendental sound, and inspirations from creative geniuses like Nikola Tesla, Prizm is an artist of the future. Make sure you give his music a listen on Spotify, and check him out on Instagram.


Shooby is a glo-up rap combination of emotion and modern-day beats. With his latest gemtrack, “Stuck in My Head,” from the Le Marché Noir label, Shooby offers a chillax perspective on love, heartbreak, and yearning for a loved one. Without cribbing from his influences,Shooby’s DNA is rooted in 70s soul backed by contemporary beats. As The rap game requires stamina, Shooby exudes a confidence only gained by growing up in Compton, California. A light is needed in today’s digital whack environment, and it’s here that Shooby emerges like an angel hovering above an iron furnace. He arrives amid a new kind of turmoil the world has yet to experience, making his style an innovative force. Follow Shooby on Instagram here.

The East Coast Oracles

The rap group Eco from Amherst, Masschsuetes dropped a single last month titled “Kingly 2 da Bone” and it has been on repeat all week. The collective is made up of some extremely talented artists, each of which have been creating music since around the age of 15, however, their collective journey started in 2021 with the release of their first official tape “ECO Friendly”. Now going into 2023 you can hear the growth from the entire group. Each member brings their own personal skill set to the table, which pushes each member to go harder and to be better. Rap groups are less common in the modern era of music, but with collectives coming up like The East Coast Oracles” I could see a new wave of group acts soon. Go listen to The East Coast Oracles on Spotify so you can see for yourself.

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