You know that daily pot smoker who also lights a cigarette every chance he gets.

Yeah, that guy.

There might be something to his habits. Yale researches have found that teenagers who smoke tobacco regularly are more likely to get hooked on cannabis, L.A.'s favorite quasi-legal drug, than those who dabble in weed alone.

The paper is headed for the journal Addiction according to …


… the Yale Daily News, which says 90 percent of pot smokers also smoke tobacco and that as many as one out of every two tobacco smokers users weed.

Psychiatry postdoctorate fellow Erica Peters says anyone struggling with one or the other drug needs to tackle both if they want to quit even just one:

There's something about tobacco use that seems to worsen marijuana use in some way.

The fact that many pot smokers rely on some form of tobacco — such as “blunt wrappers — for toking up only seems to intensify what the Daily News calls “co-occuring cannabis and tobacco use.”

The paper was accepted by the journal for future publication. Read more about it here.

The moral to the story? Only smoke weed. (We kid).

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