If your Valentine's date fell through and you have an extra mil laying around, maybe what you really need is a “session of spiritual awakening.”

For only $1 million the Master Trinity Poly Crown “will show proof, evidence, and that the power of mother nature and heavens exist.”

Quite a deal posted in the latest Beverly Hills Courier via full-page ad. But wait, there's more …

… For your cool mil you'll also be treated to:

-“… Proof and evidence that the heavens, gods, or supreme beings, things that are unexplainable, do exist.”

-“There will be thunder, lightening, and creatures will disappear and reappear before their eyes.”

This magnificent deal requires the commitment of 10 or more people, with payment two weeks in advance via cashier's check or wire transfer, according to the ad.

Participants must meet up in Hawaii and “this can take place at a beach somewhere up in a mountain.”

The contact info isn't a website or a phone number. It's a Yahoo email address. (But we found a website anyway).

We have a deal of our own for you:

For $1 million we'll guarantee you're going to get ripped off.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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