A Los Angeles County audit this month of non-competitive and single-bid contracts granted by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority found “that in most respects procurement complies with regulatory and policy requirements,” but noted a few eyebrow-raising exceptions, including a single-bid deal granted for the billion-dollar widening of the 405 freeway through the Westside's and West Valley's Sepulveda Pass.

Kiewit Pacific Company got an initial contract to design the widening and perform the work for $712,248,000; the entire project is budgeted at $1.034 billion. According to the audit (PDF):

the 1-405 project is one of the largest procurement actions this agency has completed in the last few years. The source selection panel technically qualified 2 bidders however; only one vendor submitted a price bid. The Contracting Officer stated that he contacted the other vendor who did not bid. However, there is no documentation in the procurement file documenting the conversation or reason why the vendor did not bid.

A chin-stroker, to be sure.

LA Weekly