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    On Suicide: Readers Respond

    Of Suicide, and Men Can't say we didn't see this one coming. Henry Rollins' Aug. 22 column — which questioned, in light of Robin Williams' death, how any parent could succumb to suicide ("Fuck Suicide") — went viral, and quickly had our mailbag filled to bursting. Very little of the... More >>
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    L.A. County Jail Plan Is a $2 Billion Blunder That Embraces Incarceration, Not Treatment, for Mentally Ill 19

    It was the happiest day of Phillip Cho's life. Shortly after New Year's Day in 2005, he learned that he had acquired a fortune of $600 million — a windfall from his brother, who had won a settlement in a corporate espionage lawsuit, and who planned to give Cho access... More >>
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    Child Sex Abuser Who Sued 1,000 Firms Under Disability Act Commits Suicide 25

    Late in 2013, I wrote an article outing Jon Carpenter, a prodigious filer of hundreds of lawsuits against small businesses in Los Angeles, as a convicted child molester who never did his prison time. In March, nearly four months after L.A. Weekly's story, the wheelchair-bound Carpenter traveled to Zurich, Switzerland... More >>
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    Startup Dudes in the News: Readers Write

    Angel of Fortune Gene Maddaus' profile of Silicon Beach investor Paige Craig had readers talking last week ("L.A. Angel," Aug. 15). Many were not impressed by Craig. Writes JoeLeisure, "Gordon Gekko 2.0. Man, that show Silicon Valley is so spot-on. It lampoons these greedy fucks (sorry, 'angels') perfectly. 'I'll only... More >>
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    In Silicon Beach, L.A. Angel Investor Paige Craig Sifts Through the Hype for the Next Big Thing 19

    At a party at the True offices on Wilshire, three dudes have just finished pitching an app. They look like design students, with black vests and matching haircuts. One of them boasts that the founder had a chance to be the sixth employee at Instagram. But when the founder starts... More >>
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    Dissing Las Vegas? Readers Respond

    Viva Las Vegas? Henry Rollins' column once again filled our mailbag this week — with his suggestion that Las Vegas is out of ideas ruffling some readers' feathers ("Fake City," Aug. 8, 2014). Stephanie Forte writes, "If you were to visit my home in Las Vegas and peek inside my... More >>
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    Dinner Lab Hopes to Build the World's First Data-Driven Restaurant. But Is That a Good Thing? 2

    The dinner takes place in a Studio City storefront, one that used to be a yoga studio but now feels as barren as any gutted storefront waiting for its next inhabitant. Tables are set up in long rows, a makeshift kitchen in back, a makeshift bar in the corner. We're... More >>
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    Why LAUSD's District 1 Race Between George McKenna and Alex Johnson Matters 2

    What if they held an election and no voters came? That's the very real scenario facing South Los Angeles next week, when voters decide who should replace the late Marguerite LaMotte on the Los Angeles Unified School District board. Their choices: George McKenna, 73, a longtime LAUSD administrator; or Alex... More >>
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    Living in Your Car: Readers Respond 2

    Car Life Last week, we featured a first-person essay by a young professional who moved into his pickup truck in order to stay in L.A. after being laid off ("I Live in My Car"). The story's sidebar, by Chris Walker, looked at the bigger picture ("Car Dwelling in L.A.: A... More >>