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    The Death of Harry Major: Readers Respond

    A Teacher's Secret Life Hillel Aron's look at the life and death of Harry Major, a Hollywood High teacher with a penchant for taking in ex-cons, had readers riveted last week ("The Pen Pal Murder," Oct. 17). Anon can't wait for the movie version, saying, "Great story and writing. Write... More >>
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    The New New Beverly and the Artist Known as Cameron: Readers Write

    Life of Cameron Tanja M. Laden's account of the fascinating life of L.A. artist/occultist Cameron had readers turning pages last week ("Cameron's Connections to Scientology and Powerful Men Once Drew Headlines, But Now Her Art Is Getting Its Due," Oct. 10). Pan69 writes simply, "Wonderful." Rafael Calderon agrees, writing, "An enthralling account of a woman living her life, neither asking nor giving quarter." But... More >>
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    Sandra Fluke and Film Critics: Readers Write

    St. Sandra of WeHo Last week, you may have enjoyed our Best of L.A. issue — if you were lucky enough to find a copy. But few scintillating arguments have broken out in response to our picks for, say, "best old-school chili dog stand" or "best composting class." Apparently, for... More >>