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Artist Venue Price
Dan Band Club Nokia $15-$47
L.A. Philharmonic Walt Disney Concert H… $26.50-$197
Lisa Thelen Walt Disney Concert H… $37-$91.50
Holiday Organ Spectac… Walt Disney Concert H… $37-$91.50
David Higgs Walt Disney Concert H… $37-$91.50
Two Fresh The Avalon $10
Falcons The Avalon $10
Salva The Avalon $10
3BallMTY The Regent Theater $25
Los Rakas The Regent Theater $25
Subsuelo Figat7th free
DJ Canyon Cody Figat7th free
Heavy Led House of Blues Sunset… $15
Wood House of Blues Sunset… $15
Nightmare House of Blues Sunset… $15
All Hail the Yeti The Glass House $20
Seizures The Glass House $20
Taken The Glass House $20
Misery Signals The Glass House $20
The Greenery The Glass House $20
Awe The Echoplex $15
Mike Gao The Echoplex $15
TeamSupreme The Echoplex $15
Goodnight Cody The Echoplex $15
Lindsay Lowend The Echoplex $15
TK Kayembe The Echoplex $15
Obey City The Echoplex $15
Dom Kennedy The Observatory $32.50
Atreyu The Observatory $25
Royal Machines The Roxy $32-$115
Mike Dillon Band The Troubadour $20
Fishbone The Troubadour $20
Lonnie Marshall The Troubadour $20
Rap Sabbath The Troubadour $20
The Bots The Troubadour $20
Stephen Pearcy Whisky A Go-Go $20
Trevor McSpadden Pappy & Harriet's Pio… free
Mystic Braves The Echo $10
Levitation Room The Echo $10
Drinking Flowers The Echo $10
Mr. Elevator & the Br… The Echo $10
Chino Espinoza y los … CocoPalm Restaurant free
Nayanna Holley Holida… Original Farmers Mark… free
Nayanna Holley Original Farmers Mark… free
Jon Brion Largo at the Coronet $30
Terri Nunn & Berlin Saint Rocke $28
Innerphase Saint Rocke $28
Archer Black The Satellite $10
Bear on Fire The Satellite $10
Twin Oaks The Satellite $10
Motley 2 Paladino's $10
Nose Paladino's $10
Non Paladino's $10
A Rockalypse Now Paladino's $10
Trina Marana Catalina Bar & Grill $25
Reggie Padilla Catalina Bar & Grill $25
Kira Hooks Catalina Bar & Grill $25
Filipino American Jaz… Catalina Bar & Grill $25
Abe Lagrimas Jr. Catalina Bar & Grill $25
Charmaine Clamor Catalina Bar & Grill $25
La Boheme Highland Park Ebell C… $20-$100
Pacific Opera Project… Highland Park Ebell C… $20-$100
Bright Missiles Rusty's Surf Ranch $7
State Line Syndicate The Viper Room $10
Woody James Big Band Cody's Viva Cantina free
Working Stiffz Cody's Viva Cantina free
Cody Bryant Experienc… Cody's Viva Cantina free
River Road Cowboy Country $5
Jimi Nelson The Cowboy Palace Sal… free
DJ Alfred Hawkins Del Monte Speakeasy free
The Barry Zweig Trio Del Monte Speakeasy free
DJ Jack of All Tracks… Honeycut free
Joey Dosik Trio Perch free
High Curbs The Redwood Bar & Gri… $5-$10
Vertigo Boys The Redwood Bar & Gri… $5-$10
Craig Paddock The Redwood Bar & Gri… $5-$10
The Detro The Redwood Bar & Gri… $5-$10
Love Conspiracy The Mint $12
Bela Tarr The Mint $12
L. Young The Mint $12
Rayvon Owen The Mint $12
Rashondra Angelle The Mint $12
Polyan & the Johnson … The Smell $5
Ghost Noise The Smell $5
Franky Flowers The Smell $5
Soma The Smell $5
Olivia Olson Trip $8
Johnny Lightning & th… Trip $8
Kai Elle Trip $8
Captain Danger Trip $8
Townes Silverlake Lounge free
Alone Silverlake Lounge free
Habitat Silverlake Lounge free
Mechachief Silverlake Lounge free
Meg Olsen The Hotel Cafe $13
Kari Kimmel The Hotel Cafe $13
Heather Reid The Hotel Cafe $13
Juliet Simms The Hotel Cafe $13
Melinda Ortner The Hotel Cafe $13
Pher El Cid $10
Ian El Cid $10
Opus Orange El Cid $10
The Probe Cafe Nela $5
Neverland Ranch David… Cafe Nela $5
La Bestia Cafe Nela $5
DJ Canyon Cody Cana Rum Bar free
Bernice Pensyl Gardenia Restaurant &… $5-$25
12 Gauge Starboard Attitude free
Poncho Sanchez Vitello's Italian Res… $30-$220
Kingston a Go-Go WitZend $10
KMNW WitZend $10
If We Live Orchestra WitZend $10
Meet Me at the Pub WitZend $10
Steve Lukather The Baked Potato $40
James "Kimo" West Alvas Showroom $20
Steve Thompson Colombo's free
Blue Soul Colombo's free
Jeff Robinson PIPS Pizza Pasta Sala… free
Quazar & the Bamboozl… Taix French Restauran… free
Marty & Elayne The Dresden Restauran… free
Leslie Nesbitt Jax Bar & Grill free
Masta & the Edge of S… Cafe Cordiale free
Delta Wright Genghis Cohen Restaur… $10
Mark Huff Genghis Cohen Restaur… $10
Laura Coyle Genghis Cohen Restaur… $10
Alex G Room 5 Lounge $10
Alice Lee Room 5 Lounge $10
See How They Run Room 5 Lounge $10
Ricky Berger Room 5 Lounge $10
Mariah McManus Room 5 Lounge $10
David Grego Room 5 Lounge $10
Miguel Atwood-Ferguso… Blue Whale $20
Inara George Blue Whale $25
Miguel Atwood-Ferguso… Blue Whale $25
Moses Sumney Blue Whale $25
Sara Gazarek Blue Whale $25
Dwight Trible Blue Whale $25
Daedelus Blue Whale $25
Destani Wolf Blue Whale $25
Greg Leisz The Coffee Gallery Ba… $20
Rosie Flores The Coffee Gallery Ba… $20
Tony Galla Vibrato Grill & Jazz free
David Velasquez Tribal Cafe $3
Lonnie Marshall Rosalind's Ethiopian … free

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