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From the Print Edition

  • Arts Art

    MOCA Announces New Performance Festival, Step and Repeat

    The Los Angeles art world has been saying a collective "hallelujah" since the arrival in January of Philippe Vergne as MOCA's new director. Although some East Coast commentators condemned the appointment — citing in particular a budget crisis scandal in which Vergne resorted to selling off a number of works... More >>
  • Arts Art

    The Underground Museum's New Exhibit Combines Contemporary Work With Centuries-Old African Art

    Compton-bred, hip-hop bard Kendrick Lamar is singing in his catchy, laid-back way: "All my life I want money and power / Respect my mind or die from lead shower." A lithe guy who's high on life, or maybe high on something else, is strutting along the L.A. River. He is... More >>
  • Arts Art

    Communists Invade Silver Lake: The Neutra VDL House Gets a New, Imaginary Family

    The little girl who appears to live at 2300 Silver Lake Blvd. has been playing cowboys and Indians. She's set up an all-out, hand-to-hand battle on the living room floor. Little figurines face each other. Some stereotypically shirtless Native Americans crawl along the carpet. A cowboy stands watching from the... More >>
  • Arts Art

    One Artist's Bizarre Campaign to Win the Hammer Museum's Art Prize 2

    In a DJ booth above a strip mall pho restaurant in Chinatown, Johnnie JungleGuts and Brent Freaney are reviewing comic books during their weekly show on radio station KChung 1630 AM. It's a Wednesday night in July and the third-floor studio is stifling hot. On the other side of the... More >>

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