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    Biomuseo, Frank Gehry's First Latin American Project, Finally Opens After 15 Years 3

    Prominently squatting near the head of a long bridge connecting an archipelago of four small islands to the mainland, Panama City's new Biomuseo looks from a distance like an abstract turtle painted in bright colors. As you draw nearer to the building, the fragmentation of the design becomes clearer, and... More >>
  • Arts Art

    Steve McQueen's Drumroll at MOCA Shows Why He Became a Successful Mainstream Filmmaker

    The most impressive thing about Drumroll by Steve McQueen, the video artist who became an Oscar-winning director with 12 Years a Slave, is the way in which it gives an almost omniscient view of a big city without making that city seem any less dense and unwieldy than it is... More >>
  • Arts Art

    In David OReilly's Video Game You Don't Fight Anything. You're Just a Mountain

    David OReilly spent months working on his video game, Mountain, in secret. He tweeted the announcement — "Theres gonna be a real actual David OReilly game available in a couple weeks" — on June 10, as E3, the massive game-industry conference, took over the L.A. Convention Center. The following day,... More >>
  • Arts Art

    Why Coachella Artists Aren't Happy With Coachella

    April 2014 was the first time Coachella's installation artists saw their names printed on the festival's poster, alongside Outkast and Arcade Fire. But it also was the first year that each artist received an official policy notice via email telling them to remove their name from their work. Response was... More >>

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