The L.A. Times reports that long-shot mayoral candidate David Saltsburg, also known as Zuma Dogg, was questioned by police regarding alleged death threats he made to fellow candidate Craig X. Rubin. The Times says Saltsburg was approached by officers prior to a candidates' forum and taken to the Wilshire Station, where he was questioned and released.

“Rubin,” wrote Phil Willon and David Zahniser, “a pastor at the Family Church in Pasadena, said Saltsburg called him at home Thursday morning and left a message threatening to kill him if he showed up at the debate later in the day.”

This isn't the first time Saltsburg/Zuma Dogg has been embroiled in charges of hostile behavior. Last month readers of the blog Mayor Sam's Sister City denounced him following his testy post to political consultant Jim Alger.

“You do not know what drives me or my intentions,” wrote Zuma Dogg. “So

watch it. You are pissing me off, and I am going to BLAST you on City

TV 35 during public comment. YOU WILL NOT LIKE IT.”

Following a

cascade of anti-Zuma Dogg comments by others, Alger wrote: “He has now

reduced himself to threatening those that dare to disagree with him –

that in and of itself speaks volumes of the child we are dealing with.”

LA Weekly