Working in an office is easy, but containing that urge to completely freak out at the office because of boredom, or ennui, or whatever, is the real difficulty. The new video for Black Moth Super Rainbow frontman Tobacco's collaboration with Beck, “Grape Aerosmith,” highlights the occupational hazards of trying to keep it together. Directed, shot, and edited by Brooklyn-based artist Allen Cordell , the video portrays a desk jockey who succumbs to the pressure of work, turns into an undead zombie, and freaks out in the forest. Just like you've always wanted to do. Cordell's mission statement suggests a deeper meaning to the antler hat and clothed ghosts: “After being confronted by the psychedelic spirits, our protagonist is cleansed, enlightened by the surreal experience.”

Enlighten yourself with the video after the jump, and download some free Tobacco mp3's.



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