Urban Nomad, the gregarious Jeremiah Alexis, shoots exclusive video for LA Weekly. Make sure you check out the previous installments here.

The 4/20 “holiday” might be a joke, but to Ziggy Marley, marijuana is not.

“The portrait most about marijuana is a stoner guy; it's a joke. But the plant is not a joke. It's a serious plant that can have a serious impact on us, a positive impact. It can replace many products that we use–plastic, paper, chemicals that are bad for us … we need to enlighten people.”

The URBAN NOMAD hit Golden Apple Comics on 4/20 to discover a new hero for our times with Marijuanaman, an oversized full-color hardcover comic by Ziggy Marley, Joe Casey, and Jim Mahfood. Ziggy talks about the heroic purpose of Marijuanaman, weed activist Woody Harrelson, and discloses his father's (Bob Marley) last words to him and his brother.

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