Remember the bus bench ads that appeared two years ago to build hype for an unknown project that only wound up releasing a single EP and turned out to be the long-awaited return of former Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack De La Rocha?

Yes? No? Sorta?

Well, that was One Day as a Lion, which combined the verbal skills of the dread-locked agit-prop rapper with the percussive abilities of former Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore. The duo's self-titled EP dropped on L.A.-based super-indie, ANTI-, a sister label to Epitaph, in July of 2008.

But other than notable dining cameos at various East Side vegan institutions, De La Rocha has been surprisingly relatively inactive since. In fact, the punk-rap group has never played live.

He told the Times in 2008 that he'd need a keyboardist before the band played an actual gig. He also said that a full-length would be out that fall.

Now, with the former at last taken care of — Joey Karam from the Locust is sitting in on keys — the latter may actually be a possibility. But first, two shows.

The exact locations of One Day as a Lion's debut shows are still shrouded in mystery, but one is in Pomona (which usually means Glass House) and one is in Los Angeles, which could mean anything.

Tickets for the former are available at Fingerprints Music in Long Beach and The Glasshouse Record Store (natch), and for the latter at Origami Vinyl in Echo Park — all of which go on sale tomorrow, July 14, at noon.

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