I recently and informally polled folks on social media about their favorite L.A. burger. It's an important topic to keep up on, because burgers are the best food, and the best burgers are made in L.A.

Food writer Tien Nguyen gave her vote to Yuca's, the tiny stand on Hillhurst Avenue in Los Feliz, which recently opened another location in Pasadena (after shuttering the short-lived Hollywood Boulevard iteration).

Burgers are commonly found on Mexican-American menus, but they're rarely good. Somehow, though, Yuca's has made this usual afterthought a star of its short list of offerings, hidden among the extremely popular burritos.

The move here is to order the burger and then get a small glass bottle of Coke from the liquor store next door. Come back and pair that Coke with the also-diminutive Yuca burger — you'll take this thing down in less than 10 bites. The patty is thin and salty and comes adorned with shredded lettuce, roughly chopped onions, a slice of American, tomato, mayo, ketchup and mustard.  

The onions, ketchup and mustard, combined with the small size, are reminiscent of a McDonald's cheeseburger. But the Yuca's version is made to order, with well-seasoned beef — it's an elevated version of the chain's version. It's so delicious you might order a second.

This is one of L.A.'s best burgers in the truck/stand variety. Add it to your food bucket list.

2056 Hillhurst Ave., Los Feliz; (323) 662-1214, yucasla.com.

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