A YouTube video showing a Nissan GT-R sports car crashing helped bolster the state's case against a Diamond Bar brother and sister accused of filing a false insurance claims to cover repairs on the vehicle. (See the video after the jump).

Insurance commissioner Steve Poizner, who's running for the Republican nomination for governor of California, announced over the weekend that 21-year-old Jay Xi Chen and 29-year-old sister, Tracy Chen Chen, have been charged by the San Bernardino County District Attorney's office with six counts and one count respectively of filing false claims.

Poizner's office stated that the sister reported that she crashed the car on a freeway in March, but she subsequently withdrew her claim. Then, in June, the brother claimed that he had crashed the car on a freeway. Afterward, investigators discovered it had been an an auto repair shop since March.

They also found the video of the vehicle crashing into a barrier during a street race, with the Nissan sustaining damage that matched that in both claims, according to Poizner's office.

“We are all victims of auto insurance fraud by paying for our fellow consumers' false claims,” Poizner stated. “This case also highlights the diligence and creativity with which we will pursue allegedly fraudulent claims.”

The GT-R, with all wheel drive and computerized stability control, is one of the world's most capable sports cars, one that would have to be pushed hard to crash. The video shows the vehicle losing ground a much-lesser car, a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR, before squealing and veering off a curving road.

The office stated that the “potential loss” from the claims was $76,000, which is likely the value of the vehicle in used, un-crashed condition.

Each count of insurance fraud carries with it the possibility of five years behind bars and a $10,000 fine.

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