Thurs., Feb. 2
There’s a Brendan Gleeson double feature at the New Beverly with two crime comedies, In Bruges (the feature debut of playwright Martin McDonagh, a major emerging talent) and The Guard.

Fri., Feb. 3
The UCLA Film and Television Archive is showing Tom Kalin’s New Queer Cinema classic Swoon, which tells the infamous story of young murderers Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold Jr. Unlike Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope, which was inspired by the same real-life case, Kalin’s film foregrounds the pair’s homosexuality.

Sat., Feb 4
This week’s L.A. Filmforum Alternative Projections program, “Outsiders Observe Los Angeles,” will be held at the Echo Park Film Center. As the title suggests, the show will feature the work of experimental artists who passed through Los Angeles for a short time. The screenings will include Me & Bruce & Art, which features Canyon Cinema’s Ben Van Meter and Bruce Conner’s appearance on Art Linkletter’s talk show; David Lamelas’ The Desert People; and two films by the legendary Robert Nelson, who died in January: Special Warning and Suite California Stops & Passes Part 1: Tijuana to Hollywood Via Death Valley.

Sun., Feb 5
There are two not-on-DVD, rarely screened Spencer Tracy films tonight at the UCLA Film & Television Archive: John G. Blystone’s Shanghai Madness and The Painted Woman. The former casts Tracy as a naval officer trying to win back his honor after flagrantly disobeying orders, while the latter features Tracy as an ex-Marine who falls in love with a saloon singer. —Veronika Ferdman

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