Thurs., Jan. 26

Six films that are not to be missed are playing on three separate double bills across the city tonight. The Aero is having a night of Stacy Keach with Fat City, John Huston's pain-pulsating boxing drama of dreams far lost, and Richard Fleischer's The New Centurions. The New Beverly has two Eric Rohmers on tap: his gorgeous masterwork of summer ennui, The Green Ray, fresh off its summer 2011 rerelease, followed by the country mouse/city mouse tale Four Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle (1987).

Meanwhile, as part of its survey of 100 Paramount films, LACMA will be showing Elaine May's rarely screened comedy A New Leaf along with the naughty pre-Code romp She Done Him Wrong, starring May West and Cary Grant.

Fri., Jan. 27

For the next few weeks the American Cinematheque is casting a thorough look at the marvelous world of Studio Ghibli animation. Tonight the Aero screens Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away, and at the same venue on Sunday comes a double feature of My Neighbor Totoro and the Miyazaki-storyboarded, Yoshifumi Kondo–directed Whisper of the Heart.

The recently departed Ken Russell was an enfant terrible who moonlighted as a bête-noire. His most shocking and controversial film, The Devils (Priests! Sex! Witchcraft!), plays at 7:30 p.m. at the Egyptian.

Sat., Jan. 28

Cinefamily is once again partnering with L.A. Filmforum to present the Alternative Projections program Visions, Memory & a Machine: Optical Manipulations. This afternoon's program of eye-tantalizing, avant-garde rarities will include Pat O'Neill's Foregrounds and Saugus Series and Fred Worden's Throbs. Pat O'Neill and Beth Block will be in attendance at Cinefamily to introduce the films.

Sun., Jan. 29

Tommy, the psychedelic vision of the Who's rock opera (with a singing Jack Nicholson!), continues the Ken Russell series at the Egyptian. —Veronika Ferdman

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