Thurs., April 26

The New Beverly is playing the restored version (all 162 minutes, as originally intended) of Samuel Fuller's World War II epic The Big Red One. And the Noir City festival is in full swing over at the Egyptian. Tonight's double feature offering is two prison pictures: Caged and Big House USA.

Fri., April 27

Marcel Carné's tragic and romantic Le Jour se Lève, starring legendary French actors Jean Gabin and Arletty, plays tonight at the Aero. The film is preceded by Pierre Prévert's (brother of poet Jacques Prévert) short documentary Paris la Belle — a city portrait that switches between black-and-white footage of Paris in 1928 and color sequences shot in 1959.

Sat., April 28

The Aero has another Marcel Carné in store for tonight, his towering Children of Paradise. Scripted by Jacques Prévert, and made, heroically, during the German occupation of France, the film places Arletty at the center of a love polygon set in the world of the theater.

Sun., April 29

An Indian actor, played by Peter Sellers, accidentally gets invited to an exclusive Hollywood party and hilarious chaos ensues, in Blake Edwards' The Party, which screens tonight on a double bill at the New Beverly with the Sellers-starring I Love You, Alice B. Toklas! (Also Mon.)

Meanwhile, the Aero is having a '70s Western double feature with Clint Eastwood's paranormal-tinged High Plains Drifter and the Eastwood-starring, John Sturges–directed Joe Kidd.

Tues., May 1

UCLA's Melnitz Movies is playing two incredibly rare and dreamlike films by Sara Driver, You Are Not I and Sleepwalk. Actors Suzanne Fletcher, Ann Magnuson and Harvey Perr will be in attendance for a Q&A. —Veronika Ferdman

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