Don't want to make an entire Thanksgiving dinner? Just skip to dessert. Yummy Cupcakes (with stores in Burbank, Hollywood, Brentwood and Santa Monica) is offering cupcakes with such holiday flavors as Lime Jell-O (with Jell-O in the center), Marshmallow Yam (with marshmallows and walnuts on top) and even Turkey Cranberry (flavored with gravy in the batter).

“There's something about holiday flavors that remind me of growing up and I like that,” said Yummy Cupcakes executive chef Tiffini Soforenko. “So I wanted to take those flavors that we are all familiar with and turn them into cupcakes. Even though I don't like the texture of yams, I love the combination of brown sugar, butter, walnuts and marshmallow so I put them together with fresh baked yams in a cupcake that is absolutely delicious with texture I now love. And of course, where would Thanksgiving be without turkey, gravy and cranberry, so I had to create that combination in a cupcake. Top this with our pumpkin pie cupcake and you have your Thanksgiving meal–in cupcakes.”

Other flavors among the 200 offered by the family-owned company include Apple Blue Cheese, Caramel Apple, Hot Chocolate and Maple Crème Brulee. Nearly 50 flavors are vegan and 10 are sugar-free. Not every flavor is offered every day, so check their calendar.

“If I had my way, everything would be a cupcake,” Soforenko says. Think she's kidding? Tomato Soup flavor is on the menu for December.

The company ships via FedEx or will deliver seven days a week. To order call (818) 558-1080.

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