Café patios are jammed at mid-day, beach parking lots are more overcrowded than usual, and neighborhood teens are breaking into your pool at midnight. If you're reading this during “normal” business hours, you're most likely trapped in a cubicle, longing for the outside. This is where high-sugared goods come in. Eh, so there's nearly a cup of sugar in your Slurpee, or 70 grams of fat in your cake, you've earned it, right? Some of this month's deals and free giveaways include 7-Eleven Slurpees (today only); Lukshon desserts after every meal; See's Candies Lollipops; and cheesecake.

Turn the page for more details + a 7-Eleven Slurpee recipe.

In honor of their 84th birthday, 7-Eleven stores across the nation are giving away free Slurpees today, July 11. Select 7-Eleven stores in L.A. and Orange County will hold a series of competitions, including timed Slurpee-drinking contests and one-minute challenges. Winners can choose to have a Slurpee Truck come to their house, or 84 days of free Slurpees (brings brain freeze to a whole new level).

Lukshon is giving away complimentary desserts after every meal, and Cheesecake Factory is offering half-off on all cheesecake slices July 30th, in honor of a new Hershey's chocolate bar flavor, launching on National Cheesecake Day. For National Lollipop Day July 20th, See's is giving away free “gourmet” Lollypops at all store locations.

If you're locking up the garage until Carmageddon's over, here's a recipe (not official, but fairly close) for 7-Eleven's signature Slurpee, sans cool swirly-top look.

Cherry Slurpee

Serves: 1, or fills a 32-ounce cup.

2 cups cold club soda

½ cup sugar

1/8 teaspoon cherry flavored Kool Aid mix

½ teaspoon cherry extract

2 ½ cups crushed ice

1. Combine 1 cup of club soda, sugar, cherry powder and cherry juice in a blender and blend until completely mixed.

2. Add the crushed ice and process until blended smooth.

3. Pour the cherry mixture into a pitcher and add the remaining club soda.

4. Stir just to mix then pour into a glass.

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