Your Guide to Buying and Selling Non Fungible Art

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Non Fungible Films is certainly a type of art, but they don’t just want you looking at the art they create, they also want you interacting with it, and using their art supplies to build your own pieces of artwork. Non Fungible Films wants to connect everything to the story that the creators are telling, and also to encourage a symbiotic relationship between creators and those that enjoy their creations.

Non Fungible Films focuses primarily on storytelling, creating their own multi metaverse with a massive cast of characters to meet and stories to explore. However, while players can explore those stories, they can also use the tools provided to take their avatar into new stories written by the community as well as by themselves. Finally, the relationship that the team behind Non Fungible Films wants to have with their community is so strong, that they have expressed interest in letting creators join the official team and have their work become canon in the universe.

There’s a lot of potential for those who know how to create, and Non Fungible Films will give you all the tools you need as well as a blank canvas where you can create to your heart’s content and know that everything you build is yours.

NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) have been in the news and in the world a lot lately. They’ve been popping up with regards to the metaverse, with video games, and especially with artwork. However, for as lucrative as they can be, they can also be very confusing, and even if you understand what NFT’s are, it can be confusing to turn them into a profit whenever it comes to buying and selling non-fungible art.

This article is going to attempt to be your guide when it comes to buying and selling non-fungible art, and hopefully will have you experiencing less confusion when you hit the marketplace.

What Are NFT’s?

Non-Fungible Tokens are basically pieces of code that are unique and stored on a blockchain ledger that shows you own it. NFT’s are unique to their owner, so unlike bitcoin they can’t be divided and traded up, and there is a marked proof of ownership. Now, whenever you buy a non-fungible art piece, you are buying a copy of that art piece.

Kinda like how some people will have copies or reproductions of famous pieces of artwork in their homes, while the real piece sits in a museum or vault somewhere. Non fungible art pieces are like that, only you also have the ownership and proof of ownership of the real piece. NFT’s can be connected to any piece of art, from videos to art files to music, and the important thing is that the pieces need to have value.

How Do I Buy NFT’s?

In order to make your foray into buying and selling non fungible artwork, you need to realize that NFT’s aren’t able to be bought and sold themselves. Instead, you need to buy them with cryptocurrency. Now, there are a lot of different types of cryptocurrency, so you need to first find a platform to buy currency on.

These platforms are dependent on what you want to buy. Let’s say you want to buy minimalist art using cryptocurrency. You would go to a website that sells artwork and would then take a look at what wallets are compatible with that website. Log into the wallet website and get your wallet, and then you can start filling it with cryptocurrency.

Once you have enough cryptocurrency, you can start buying NFT’s, which can then be used to buy the non fungible artwork of your choice. Admittedly this sounds like a lot of complicated steps on paper, but once you get into the pattern and find a good wallet everything falls into place.

Buying and Selling Artwork

Alright, now you have your wallet stuffed with cryptocurrency and your desired platform, let’s take a look at how artwork is created. Now, the artist can make just about anything, music, videos, art, but let’s say they make a simple minimalist drawing. Once the artwork is completed, then they create the NFT and upload it to the marketing platform, setting the price in cryptocurrency.

That cryptocurrency price is converted into United States dollars (and/or the local equivalent) and it is displayed on the marketing platform’s website. You would go on these platforms and you can purchase the artwork just like anything else you would buy online, either with cold hard cash or the cryptocurrency in your wallet.

Once it is bought, you will receive a copy of the file that has the NFT data in it. So you own the copy, but you also own the real artwork as well. Somewhere on the internet is a place where you own a small part of it, which is pretty interesting if you think about it.

However, if you decide that you want to sell your ownership to someone else, you would go through the same steps the artist would. Find a platform, upload your art as an NFT, and wait for it to be sold. Then the new owner would have your copy and the process would likely begin anew.

Getting Into The Non-Fungible Art Game

Whether you get started on your own or with a Non Fungible Films Membership Pass, the world of non fungible art can seem tricky to get into. There’s a lot of steps, whether you want to buy or sell your work as an artist or just as a collector, and it can seem very confusing if you aren’t technically minded.

However, don’t be afraid to start small, ask for help, and consume everything you can on the topic of NFT’s and non fungible artwork. Once you get some information and confidence under your belt, then you can enter the market with ease and start buying and selling pieces. There’s a lot of stuff out there, from music to videos to artwork from all styles, so you are sure to find something that you like.

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