You pick up a few lessons when you pack away bowls and bowls and bowls of noodles — often one right after another — in the name of Asian noodle research. You quickly discover the elasticity, or lack thereof, of your stomach. You learn to bring at least one buddy along on your trips, because seldom do soup noodle leftovers hold up well the next day. And you’ll gather plenty of empirical evidence, as we have, to prove that you really can, in this town, eat your way from Burma to Korea without a passport.


Noodlepalooza: A Comprehensive Guide to Asian Noodles in L.A.

We shared our noodle guide, which ranged in region and noodle type. Now check out this handy Google map we created for your navigational ease, should you decide to take a noodle tour too. (Note: The restaurants are listed by the order in which they appeared in the post then color-coded according to region.) Just don't forget to bring your sense of adventure, maybe a carload of friends — and at least 20 dollars in cash.

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