Your DNA Could Be The Reason You’re Not Reaching Your Highest Athletic Potential, But Registered Dietitian Mollie Ferguson Has A Solution

Your genetics play a huge role in your athletic potential, which is why when Mollie Ferguson experienced chronic fatigue, she took matters into her own hands. Today she is the founder of Seva Functional Wellness, and helps athletes overcome debilitating conditions to reach their full potential.

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As a high performance athlete, you need to feel your best one hundred percent of the time. But what happens if you experience a chronic health issue that prevents you from reaching your fullest potential? As it turns out, you’re not alone. A staggering forty-five percent of Americans experience some type of chronic illness that makes everyday life all the more challenging. 

Feeling tired all of the time, having painful stomach issues, and difficulty concentrating are symptoms Mollie Ferguson experienced as a result of chronic fatigue, caused by toxic mold, making it difficult for her to show up in all areas of her life, including sports. As an avid CrossFitter and weightlifter extraordinaire, she couldn’t afford to let her challenges get in the way of what she loved doing most. 

Today Ferguson is the founder and CEO of Seva Functional Wellness, and she is redefining the future of athletic performance with a fresh, new way to help athletes operate at their fullest capacity. Ferguson works specifically with athletes who have debilitating chronic conditions, and helps them by conducting DNA testing to analyze their symptoms and identify the root cause. She then assists them along the way in creating an actionable solution to overcome their conditions.

With experience as a functional medicine healthcare practitioner, she assists her clients through various health tests, such as screening for vitamin/mineral deficiencies, hormone imbalances, toxic exposures, bloodwork, urine tests, and stool tests, to ensure she supports their performance and recovery down to a cellular level. Her breadth of experience has helped thousands of athletes and sports fanatics achieve athletic excellence all year round. 

“If you don’t step back and figure out what’s going on, and what’s making you feel exhausted, then you’re not going to make the progress you wish for,” she says. This is something that Ferguson learned the hard way. When she experienced chronic fatigue, she consulted her doctor, but the advice she received was unhelpful. It wasn’t until she decided to turn inward and take her health into her own hands, that she truly began to heal herself. 

“I struggled with chronic fatigue but nobody could help me. It really just inspired me to want to learn more how to heal myself, so I can go and help other athletes reach their athletic goals and optimize their performance,” she shares.

Ferguson’s desire to go the extra mile is revolutionizing the future of athletic performance. Gone are the days where athletes would be fed a cookie cutter idea of what is considered healthy, and what is not, without the proper knowledge or consideration of their individual body and needs. Thanks to Ferguson, you can begin to understand where your health issues are stemming from a genetic level, how to overcome them, and how to prevent them from occurring in the future as well.

“Your health can start with your grandmother’s health, and be passed down through your mom and then on to you, so it’s important to look at DNA and know the stressors your mother was under during pre-conception and her pregnancy. But then, it’s also important to look at your individual lifestyle which can also make a big impact,” she says, explaining that although there are certain things that you cannot change, such as specific biological pathways, things like your nutrition can play a big role in helping those processes run better and have the power change the direction of your health.

Ferguson’s coaching is not a one size fits all approach. Instead, she analyzes your genetics, nutrition, and biochemistry, to better understand what type of program will, and will not work for you. But beyond that, what makes Ferguson a great person to have on your team is her emphasis on building a safe connection with her clients. 

“It’s really important for me to foster a safe connection because a lot of times, there are psychological issues that are causing our physical health to be imbalanced,” she says. “This means there can be past and current traumas people have to work through. If they don’t feel safe or feel like they can share that with me, then that can really impede their healing,” she continues. 

Simply identifying the symptoms one’s dealing with and combating them on a surface level only provides a quick-fix, and is not a long-term solution. It’s like putting a bandaid on an open wound without sanitizing the area or stitching up the skin first. It may work for a bit, but it’s not ideal. If you want to truly heal yourself so you can become the athlete of your dreams, you must first and foremost identify the root cause of your issue by looking inward, on a molecular level. 

Doing so may seem like a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be, especially if you have the right support and mentor willing to guide you. To book a 1:1 discovery call with Mollie Ferguson today, visit her website today. 

“We all need some TLC, but I’m here to help you work through debilitating symptoms that are keeping you from living the life you truly want most,” she concludes. 

This client is represented by Maggie Berghoff, Celebrity Health Strategist and Business Expert.

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