The office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced today that Lyft will be the first ride-hailing service to legally pick up passengers at LAX — starting tomorrow.

The first pickups will happen at 8 a.m., an LAX spokeswoman said.

“Tomorrow, we will have ‘Lyft-off’ at LAX, giving our passengers what they have been asking for, another safe and convenient way to get to and from the airport,” Garcetti said. “As we continue rebuilding nearly every terminal at the airport, and work to bring rail to LAX, our passengers deserve access to all available options to ensure they have an excellent experience.”

The app services will pay the taxpayers $4 per trip and abide by rules aimed at controlling the number of vehicles at LAX. One rule says that pickups must happen on the upper, departure level of the airport so that ride-hailing cars will avoid creating traffic on the lower level, where taxis and shuttles work.

Passengers will have to “get their luggage, then go up to hail a ride,” said LAX spokeswoman Mary Grady.

Lyft is offering $5 discounts on rides to or from LAX.

“We’re excited that Los Angeles visitors and residents will be able to get a Lyft ride to and from LAX, just in time for the holiday season,” the company stated. “This is a big step forward for consumers, and we want to thank the Los Angeles World Airports Board of Airport Commissioners and Mayor Garcetti for their work to bring modern transportation options like Lyft to the airport.”

Lyft started the application process before Uber did. 

“We continue to review their documents that were submitted,” Grady said of Uber.

Other so-called transportation network companies (TNCs) in various stages of application for pickups at the facility include Wingz and Opoli, she said.

LA Weekly