When not romping through whirlwind comedy nights, the three-man, two-woman sketch group Dynamite Kablammo have been marshaling video hits online to showcase their brash and off-kilter humor. With new member Meredith Rensa — a fearless brunette with the face of Vivien Leigh — the ensemble of Greg Kaczynski (who directs), Dane Biren, Dana DeRuyck and Matt DeNoto blitz the audience with skits that build in momentum as they shake off their SNL roots with premises that splinter off in clever and unexpected directions. An unhinged blood-donor recruit offers reluctant volunteers cocaine; ancient Greek sirens are reimagined as gruff Jersey grandmas, luring Odysseus with soup and sweaters; and when a frozen man’s testicles climb into his brain, the gang doesn’t go for easy horn-dog jokes but the primal fun of his hapless balls lurching him around like a broken puppet. Though the room feels too small for big laughs, everyone’s chuckling quietly as DeNoto motors through a monologue in which he plays a losing coach confessing to running over his rival’s dog (“I’m not saying I was drunk … because you can’t be drunk on meth”); then there’s the go-for-broke sound effects of a XXX old-time radio show called “Commie Dearest,” on which a cuckolded husband dismisses his wife’s Soviet seducer with “Your sexual ideas are just as underdeveloped as your political ones.”

Tuesdays, 8:30 p.m. Starts: July 29. Continues through Sept. 2, 2008

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