Remember the good old days when you knew all your neighbors by name and you waved to them as you picked up the newspaper on your driveway every Sunday morning?

Us neither.

And a new survey from real estate info site Trulia proves our memory is accurate: More than half of Americans don't know their neighbors:

About 53 percent of y'all said you don't know your neighbors' names. For shame.

Strangely, 67 percent of you say you “generally like” your neighbors — even though you don't even know them!

Here on the left side of the nation, that number of folks who love thy neighbors is even higher — 72 percent. Liberals.

Exactly a third of you said it's important that your neighbors speak the same language you do. Good luck with that in L.A. One in 10 hopes your neighbors are of the same ethnicity. Again, LOL on that one for our town.

Credit: kristen_neveu / LA Weekly Flickr page

Credit: kristen_neveu / LA Weekly Flickr page

Trulia surveyed 3,014 American adults in late September to come up with these shocking facts and figures.

A spokesman for the firm sums it up this way:

Americans want neighbors who are similar to themselves, and many are judgmental, passive-aggressive, or nosy.

Sounds about right.

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