A couple of weeks back, we scoured the internet to find food oddities for you to lust over and/or buy. Today, we're back with a whole new crop of fun stuff, this time to help you imbibe. It's a little early in the week to fall down the rabbit hole of internet lists and consumerism, but hey, what the hell? After all, we know you probably need better Mother's Day gift ideas. Turn the page for 5 things you and your mom probably can't live without.

4. The iFlask

And you thought your smartphone could do anything — organize your life, document all your meals on Instagram, be a portable stereo/television/computer. But there's one very important thing your phone is not doing for you and that's getting you drunk. Which is where iFlask comes in. The iPhone-shaped flask holds up to 5 ounces of your favorite beverage and comes with a collapsible funnel for easy filling. And it's shaped like a phone, which means no one will think twice if you bring it to your office or kid's soccer game or church or whatever. Dunno exactly how many times they'll think when they see you drinking from your phone, but you can cross that bridge when you come to it.

Beer buckle; Credit: thebeerbuckle.com

Beer buckle; Credit: thebeerbuckle.com

3. Beer buckle

What looks like a regular big brass belt buckle actually folds out to hold your beer. Which is disturbing and phallic and probably doesn't even work that well. (Like, what happens when you sit down? And how hard is it to hold your goddamned beer with your hand?) But hey, it would make a great gift for that friend who drinks to much and has self esteem look-at-me issues.

Liquor lock; Credit: amazon.com

Liquor lock; Credit: amazon.com

2. Liquor lock

Teenage kids? Demented alcoholic parents? Untrustworthy spouse who might drink your good Scotch and not even know the difference? All of the above? Here is the answer. A liquor lock! No idea how this thing actually works — it kinda looks like you could just pull it out of the bottle, but I'm assuming that is not the case. In which case, this thing is freaking brilliant.

Shane MacGowan mooshine jug; Credit: Moonshine Jug via Etsy

Shane MacGowan mooshine jug; Credit: Moonshine Jug via Etsy

1. Shane MacGowan/Pogues Moonshine Jug

In his Etsy store Moonshine Jug, Hugh Bridgeford sells handmade moonshine jugs and flasks decorated with Patti Smith, Jimi Hendrix, Che Guevara and more. But our favorite is the Shane MacGowan jug, which celebrates the front man of the Pogues and his bloody marvelous teeth in a totally appropriate way — that is, a vessel from which to drink gut-rotting booze.

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