For Angelinos, a slogan like “Fighting Crime One Doughnut at a Time” might not evoke images of police officers going above and beyond the call of duty. That is, unless you happened to catch NPR's 28-second piece on Clare City Bakery yesterday morning. The story goes that when the former owners of this 113 year-old bakery in Clare City, Michigan announced that they planned to call it quits, joining the many other boarded up businesses on the block, nine of the Clare City's finest rushed to action, buying the main street landmark in an effort to protect and serve — doughnuts.

The newly dubbed “Cops and Doughnuts” opened last Wednesday to a community more than eager to support them, consuming the shop's fresh baked goods as well as their T-shirts bearing the “Cops & Doughtnuts, 100 Percent Cop-Owned” insignia on the front and “You Have the Right to Remain Glazed,” and “Handcuffs and Cream Puffs” on the back. Lucky for us, you don't have to travel to Michigan to get your hands on any of the bakery's sweet kitch. Mugs, aprons, totes, buttons, onesies, bibs and more are all available through their website. The transition indeed seems to have revitalized the business and saved the landmark.

Perhaps something for Los Angeles Times' owner Sam Zell to think about, considering the new LAPD headquarters going up across the street from the Times-Mirror building.

Cops and Doughnuts: 521 N McEwan St. Clare, MI 48617 (989) 386-2241.

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