Calling itself “the last independent independent film festival,” Dances With Film s has proven for 13 years that you don't need a movie star to give a film creative value. In fact, “no stars” is the festival's steadfast policy. “We don't represent unknown talent so much as we represent undiscovered talent,” says Michael Trent, who with Leslee Scallon founded the festival. The movies in this year's lineup ask some interesting questions: What happens if you're 12 years old and you discover something shocking at your local swimming pool? (Summer Waters). What happens when people in the 1890s discover a crashed UFO in the desert? (A Foundling, pictured). What do you do if you have agoraphobia and your husband mysteriously disappears? (Solitary). What if you found out your unborn son is gay? (Gay Baby). What happens when you drink moonshine that's been tainted with toxic waste? (Broken Springs). And what is Dave Cole's problem? (The Man That I Was). For the answers to these and a multitude of other intriguing questions, attend the festival!

June 3-10, 2010

LA Weekly