DJLargeYou Can Count on Whipped Cream: Canadian DJ and producer Whipped Cream got her start in electronic music following an ice skating incident.

“After being told I may never be able to skate again, it put me into a place where I was able to find my love for music again,” she says. “After seeing one of my favorite artists Active Child  a few years back , I was so heavily inspired that I believed I can do music too. It took a lot of the same characteristics of being a skater to have the drive and ambition to build the career I currently have today.”

She describes her sound today as “unapologetically me.”

“It is everything I love and am inspired by,” she says. “It is electronic music, it is rap music, it is club music, it is all music that I’ve grown to learn and love through my life experiences.”

Real name Caroline Cecil, she says that this is an amazing for for electronic music.

“I couldn’t be more inspired,” she says. “We have some greats doing the most for the scene. The fact dance music headlined and closed Coachella just proves how far we have come. There is so much new and exciting music / artists that are really cultivating the next wave as well. So much is still to come for our scene and I couldn’t be happier watching it from within.”

Last month saw Whipped Cream perform on the DoLab stage at Coachella, weekend one.

“This year was a bit different but in the best way,” she says. “I have done Coachella now three years – Sahara Tent last year, Heineken a few years back, but one of my favorite experiences had to be the DoLab. The DoLab is as close to a perfect representation of a TRUE WHIPPED CREAM set is. I was able to showcase a majority of my music and the crowd was incredible. I felt like the happiest person in the world after walking off the stage.”

Looking ahead, Whipped Cream has big plans for the rest of this year.

“2023 will be one of the most monumental years of my career,” she says. “I started it off with releasing my newest project, the Someone You Can Count On  EP, and shortly after announced my world tour. I will be hitting new and familiar places like Spain, Budapest, Austria, Asia, Vancouver, Los Angeles and so much more. On top of that, I am making my best music ever. I am writing a lot of the lyrics and making the songs I dreamt of. There is so much in store for this year, but for now, the best way to get any early ins will be at a show on my tour. Hope to see you all there!”

You Can Count on Whipped Cream: Go to for more info. She plays LOT 613 on Saturday, June 10.





































































































































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