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Widely regarded as the worst movie of all time, The Room has developed a cult following since debuting in 2003. Hundreds of fans armed with scripts, props, and costumes a la Rocky Horror Picture Show pack Laemmle's Sunset 5 Theater at midnight on the last Saturday of each month for screenings. There they can meet the film's enigmatic director and star Tommy Wiseau, who is largely responsible for the spectacularly bizarre maze of plot inconsistencies, incomprehensible sets, and inexplicable dialogue.

While Wiseau now calls his brainchild a “black comedy,” its actors contend that he originally meant for it to be taken seriously (check out what Greg Sestero had to say in this hilarious podcast). Regardless, it's bad in the best possible way, and has inspired an entire online culture of fan generated spin-offs and parodies. Among an ever growing plethora of oddities are The Room video game, collectable Tommy Wiseau bobble-heads, and finally, an endless array of DIY music videos and mash-ups. Here then, are the five most ridiculous music videos inspired by The Room.

“The Room (Cheep Cheep remix)”

by Dan Alcala

Move over T-Pain and the Gregory Brothers, there's a new king of auto-tune. Referencing Tommy Wiseau's famous chicken impression, the cheep cheep remix features an arresting vocal performance by the star. And in addition to showing his character's tragic decent into madness, it ambitiously fuses Calvin Harris dance beats with a dubstep drop at 1:55.

“Movement VI: Cheep in E Minor”

by RobotFetish

We're not exactly sure what happened to movements one through five, but Cheep in E Minor belongs in any musical odyssey worth its salt. Because just when you thought one Tommy Wiseau was enough…

“L is B”

Video by George Gross. Song by Alec Gross and Greg Barbone

While “L is B” (ie “Love is Blind”) is certainly a catchy tune, the real strength of this music video lies in its stunning cinematography. It was only a matter of time before someone paid homage to Wiseau's penchant for using green screens and the same shots more than once by using…green screens and the same shots more than once

“Fresh Prince of the Room”

By Ben Cheshire

No list of music videos inspired by The Room would be complete without incorporating the movie's award winning score. And, let's face it, we all wanted to hear the Fresh Prince rapping over it.

“The Room (Ididnawt remix)”

By Electrosaga

The rooftop scene is clearly The Room's finest moment. Showcasing its fêted line — “I did not hit her, it's not true” – this remix is a celebration of a milestone in cinematic achievement.

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