So far, four candidates have announced they will be running for mayor of Los Angeles in 2013. When you announce, it gives the green legal light to start raising funds to campaign. YJ Draiman, one of the four, is not a widely known name, but he is certainly interesting. Here are the top five reasons:

5) His son is Disturbed's lead singer, David Draiman.

4) People don't trust politicians. And he agrees: usually, they shouldn't.

“We have a major problem with voter apathy,” Draiman says to L.A. Weekly. “A lot of voters said: 'politicians promise us the moon, they don't deliver, all they care is for their own pockets.'”

“We need some fresh blood there, come on lets be realistic,” Draiman tells the Weekly. “We need somebody who is not part of the machine, somebody who comes from the community.”

Draiman is an elected member of the Northridge East Neighborhood Council.

3) He's a Ron Kaye Clean Sweeper: a campaign to run the bums out of City Hall.

Though, the Clean Sweep slate didn't fare as well as we would have liked in March 8 city elections, the fight wages on.

“The problem is that I would have expected in this past election to have some councilmen in this city changed,” Draiman tells L.A. Weekly. “Unfortunately, the machine overcame, you know, people that wanted change.”

2) He KNOWS$$ his clean energy. And he has a plan to help Los Angeles save much needed money in our $350 million deficit.

Draiman hails from Chicago, where he was a developer during a time that, he says, taught him the hard way about saving money.

“I got involved in the energy market,” Draiman says to the Weekly. “In the late 70's mortgage rates hit like 18 percent. The only way to survive was to look at ways to cut costs.”

“They call me an expert these days,” Draiman says to the Weekly, with some hearty yet honest chuckles. “I conducted various talk shows, people called in with various questions on energy so on and so forth … Do you have any idea how many billions of dollars we waste in southern California on energy?”

1) He doesn't want to “improve” your 'hood with projects that will annoy the crap out of you – and fill the pockets of City Hall.

“Some politicians were basically coerced, if you want to call it, to support a developer – and remember, I was a developer myself, so I know where it's going to and where it's coming from,” Draiman says to the Weekly.

May we suggest some examples here? Possibly District 4 City Council member Tom LaBonge's $850 thousand median? — or Marina Del Rey's force fed “improvements.”

So far, running against Draiman will be: City Controller Wendy Gruel, radio personality Kevin James and L.A. District 9 Councilwoman Jan Perry.

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