Thirtysomething vegetarian looking for restaurants that other thirtysomething vegetarians also enjoy? Now, there's a Yelp! for that: The site recently rolled out two new filters called “Yelpy Insights,” which narrows search results based on eateries “liked by vegetarians,” as well as those liked by users in their 20s, 30s or 40s.

As Yelp's Official Blog explains, the filters were created based on feedback from vegetarian Yelpers who wanted a better way to search for vegetarian-friendly eateries. While the site does have “vegetarian” and “vegan” categories, they're often under-inclusive, omitting vegetarian-friendly restaurants that aren't categorized as such. A general search for the word “vegetarian,” though, is over-inclusive (Yelp's example of a typical unhelpful review: “I'm so glad I'm not vegetarian, the bacon-wrapped filet mignon was great.”) To find the happy medium, Yelp analyzed its database of reviews to identify certain patterns. As an engineer explains on Yelp's Product & Engineering Blog, “By combing through our vast review data, we're able to pick out folks who share a vegetarian perspective in their reviews and highlight the businesses that they like.”

Similarly, the engineers used Yelpers' birthdates to identify restaurants that people in their 20s, 30s and 40s appear to like. “For example, if we find a restaurant with both an abnormally high concentration of good thirtysomething reviews, and a large overall number of these reviews, we can be pretty sure that a lot of thirtysomethings like that place,” Yelp says.

Which now means we can have even more fun than we already do with Yelp's reviewing system. For example, vegetarians apparently like Yamashiro a whole lot, and the Taco Zone truck in Echo Park and Sky's Gourmet Tacos on Pico are popular with thirtysomething vegetarians in Los Angeles looking for tacos. Meeting or avoiding people in your age group has never been easier.

If you have a suggestion for another Yelpy Insight — maybe one that turns the reviews on Yelping With Cormac into a very insightful filter called “No Country for Old Men” — email the team at

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