If you’re anything like Alfred Coffee owner Joshua Zad, you’ve spent a decent number of hours lamenting L.A.’s lackluster bagel scene. Your tune may have changed a bit last summer, though, when New York–style bagel truck Yeastie Boys started selling its goods on various street corners around town. 

It didn’t take Zad long to make the truck part of the lineup of those parked outside the Melrose Place and Silver Lake Alfred locations. And on Feb. 22, he officially brought Yeastie Boys behind the counter of Alfred in the Alley, extending the shop’s food offerings with eight bagel sandwiches that are completely different from those on the truck’s menu. 

“It’s been a dream of mine to open up a bagel shop,” Zad says. “Then St. Urbain Street Bagels in Beverly Hills closed recently, leaving us with no good place to get a solid bagel any time of day.”

Now West Hollywood denizens and visitors alike can get their bagel fix at Alfred in the Alley from opening until 3 p.m., or whenever the shop sells out. Selling out is a definite possibility on weekends – bagels were gone by 10:30 a.m. on the first Saturday of the new service. Zad drove to the Yeastie Boys truck parked at the Silver Lake coffee shop to pick up about five dozen more. 

Unlike those available from the truck, sandwiches at Alfred in the Alley don't bear catchy names like “The Game Over” and “The Mishka.” There’s the #1, made with Taylor ham, American cheese and a fried egg on an hand-rolled everything bagel ($8). The #2 is Zad’s top pick: a sesame bagel filled with Michel Cordon Atlantic smoked salmon, tomato, avocado spread and a house-made dill and red onion cream cheese ($12). Those and two other breakfast creations are served all day. Lunch offerings — such as the #6, with pastrami, kraut, Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard and a house-made Russian dressing on a poppy bagel ($10) – are available from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Simple bagel-and-a-schmear combos are $5.

Based on the positive response thus far, Zad foresees bagels eventually landing at the original Alfred location on Melrose Place, too.

Alfred in the Alley, 8509 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood; (424) 288-4126, alfredcoffee.com.

Yeastie Boys; yeastieboysbagels.com.

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