Wye Oak conjures an unusually full and mesmerizing sound considering the Baltimore group is just a duo composed of singer-guitarist Jenn Wasner and drummer Andy Stack. But Stack helps stack their songs with other layers of mystery when he somehow simultaneously plays drums and keyboards onstage. Wasner belies the title of the pair's fourth album, Shriek, with dreamy contrails of singing that drift into Stack's cloud bank of keyboards. “I woke up on the floor thinking I have never dreamed before,” she confides. “I tell you stories, but truth be told/I can't remember what came before.” Bereft of memory and past expectations, Wasner gazes out across the hazy soundscapes of “The Tower” and “Schools of Eyes” with a newfound sense of openness.

Thu., July 10, 9 p.m., 2014
(Expired: 07/10/14)

LA Weekly