Maybe these kids don't read. This is like bringing sand to the beach, offering up a joint at Charlie Sheen's house, or throwing a dollar bill into one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' fireplace. It's simply uncalled for.

In today's edition of WTF, we have two American teens who U.S. Customs and Border Protection says tried to smuggle weed this week into the states as they entered from Mexico in Tecate — east of San Diego.

Um, hey guys: Weed is legal in California. You can buy it at a dispensary. Get a doctor's note and there will be no questions asked.

And they say our public schools in California are faltering. Wonder why.

Anyway, these 19-year-old geniuses were in custody this week following the bust by border agents, who said one of them walked a little funny. (He had weed in his pants. Allegedly).

The duo had two pounds each, according to authorities. Each pound was worth $1,200.

We know what you're thinking: Maybe they were trying to make a few bucks.

Maybe. But prices at dispensaries are good these days, dudes. Check the print edition of your local alternative weekly (ahem). And we're told the weed is better than the south-of-the-border variety.

Plus — the ultimate benefit of not smuggling dope in favor of purchasing it legally — no jail time.

Something to think about as you sit in San Diego County jail.

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